Conservative Jew

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Jew who keeps some requirements of Mosaic law but adapts others to suit modern circumstances

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Rules for keeping kosher are complicated, and Orthodox, Reform and Conservative Jews have differing views on how to follow the dietary commandments.
Etz Hayim's scholarship reflects the serious thinking of Conservative Jews who, in an age of unbelief, try to be honest to God and to themselves.
what's missing from its leadership: Conservative Jews genuinely
Sam Orenstein, a conservative Jew who applauded the ruling, said he was not surprised by the Israeli politicians' decision to appeal.
Would I prefer that every Conservative Jew kept Shabbat according to Halakha?
But Lisa is a Conservative Jew whose life is informed by traditional Jewish practice and at the present moment, she finds herself conflicted between her sense of obligation to her parents and the pattern of her religious observance.
Because her identity as a Conservative Jew was so solidly established she was not interested in seeking ordination in another movement.
I believe that all three elements combined provide a workable lens onto the Torah for a Conservative Jew.
Moshe Feinstein, gives Reform and Reconstructionist Jews what they have always wanted, and what I as a Conservative Jew wish to oppose: a blanket exemption from Halakhic ri tual duties, and a concession that Halakha has no claim on their behavior.
From the perspective of Willis and Tikkun, a conservative Jew is a contradiction in terms.
Whether Jews decide to live in Israel or not," said Netanyahu, "I will always ensure that all Jews can feel at home in Israel -- Reform Jews, Conservative Jews, and Orthodox Jews -- all Jews.
It is generally held on the first night of Passover by Reform Jews and Jews in Israel and on both the first and second nights by Orthodox and Conservative Jews outside of Israel.
It is unclear whether Kaplan is addressing Reform Jews from committed Reform families, unaffiliated Jews, non-Jews, Conservative Jews, or Jews, like himself, from a traditional background.
He added that many conservative Jews prefer to come Sunday out of respect for the Sabbath (Saturday), a day during which they want to avoid travelling, stressing that "this pilgrimage bode well though the number of visitors is still below the one recorded before the Revolution.
Furthermore, if more Conservative Jews did not have the easy option of eating anywhere, they would form a significant consumer base that would spur the opening of many more kosher restaurants.
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