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Jew who keeps some requirements of Mosaic law but adapts others to suit modern circumstances

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The purpose of this study was to understand what one group of Americans who identify as Conservative Jews define as essential components of their Jewish identity.
Rules for keeping kosher are complicated, and Orthodox, Reform and Conservative Jews have differing views on how to follow the dietary commandments.
I haven't heard anybody try to refute the idea that the Jews have some sense of self hatred,'' says Bean, himself a Conservative Jew from Philadelphia.
Abrams, a self-described religiously "somewhat observant Conservative Jew," offers his vision of what American Jewish life could be if only Jews turn their backs on liberal causes.
Few Orthodox young people nowadays will marry a Reform Jew or even a Conservative Jew without recourse to a virtual genealogical chart, just as in the days when the Rambam forbade marriage between Jews and Kara'ites in medieval Egypt.
altruism to my identity as a Conservative Jew, and what implication does
Orthodoxy would do well to argue with a committed, learned, affiliated Conservative Jew who does not agree with Orthodoxy's view of Torah than mourn for the assimilated Jew who discards his/her Jewish identity.
There is not much a conservative Jew can find in the pages of your magazine.
Sam Orenstein, a conservative Jew who applauded the ruling, said he was not surprised by the Israeli politicians' decision to appeal.
Would I prefer that every Conservative Jew kept Shabbat according to Halakha?
Several years after my marriage ended, I fell in love with a woman who was a deeply religious Conservative Jew, and suddenly the door swung wide open.
But Lisa is a Conservative Jew whose life is informed by traditional Jewish practice and at the present moment, she finds herself conflicted between her sense of obligation to her parents and the pattern of her religious observance.
Close Albany-watchers were tipped off, however, that Saland, 67, a Conservative Jew, would reverse his position on marriage from 2009, when he voted against a similar bill: His wife, Linda, was already in the gallery, and as one person told the New York Daily News, "She wasn't coming to watch her husband vote no.
Because her identity as a Conservative Jew was so solidly established she was not interested in seeking ordination in another movement.
Edward Irving Koch was born in the Bronx and raised in Newark, New Jersey, as a Conservative Jew.
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