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someone who works to protect the environment from destruction or pollution

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TMA's national chairman Bernard Gitau said that the conservationists are maligning their business by terming it as illegal logging yet they had authorisation from KFS to harvest trees for timber.
Despite conservation being an activity and profession associated with elitism (it still is today), the small band of conservationists carried on, answering the question of 'why bother with conservation?
There are now so many reds on the island that some are crossing the bridges to mainland Wales, and conservationists are encouraging populations at Ogwen Valley, five miles from Bangor.
The last time a baiji sighting was confirmed was in 2002, according to reports, and in 2006, conservationists officially declared the species functionally extinct after failing to spot one single baiji during a six-week survey mission.
Hong Kong flag carrier Cathay Pacific confirmed Thursday it would ban carrying shark fins on its flights with immediate effect, marking a victory for conservationists.
The conservationists offering the prize work with Oxford University academics who tracked Cecil's pride for seven years.
The children and nature movement offers conservationists a powerful new way to make their case.
Giving details of the possible negative impacts on the tiger reserve the "illegal construction"of the NH 248A could cause, Sariska Tiger Foundation -- an NGO run by experts and conservationists -- have written to the Rajasthan chief conservator of forests.
THE first wild crane egg in western Britain for 400 years has hatched - but the chick failed to survive its first few days, conservationists have said.
Summary: Conservationists and government officials combined efforts to return a rare seal spotted on Tyre's coast back to the mammal's natural habitat.
The Minister noted that the hunting community, the hunters themselves, will be the most dedicated of conservationists in helping to fund the most accurate population surveys for the country's big game species.
LEADING conservationists have won a High Court battle against plans for a wind farm they warn will result in substantial harm to a heritage area "of national significance".
Summary: An eight-month-old baby bear is released into the wild by conservationists.
The change in priority, announced on Valentine's Day 2012, dismisses seven years of deliberation between first nations groups, conservationists and industry representatives.
A region along Puerto Rico's north coast will be off-limits to developers untila lawsuit filed by conservationists is resolved, an appeals court ruled, reports AP (Jan.