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someone who works to protect the environment from destruction or pollution

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Conservationists and governments have collaborated on an aerial, continent-wide census of elephants to better marshal efforts to protect wildlife.
Giving details of the possible negative impacts on the tiger reserve the "illegal construction"of the NH 248A could cause, Sariska Tiger Foundation -- an NGO run by experts and conservationists -- have written to the Rajasthan chief conservator of forests.
One big question is how much money to allocate each batching period," says Alan Forkey, Assistant State Conservationist for Farm Bill Programs.
With the development of a dam at Lake Minnewanka, the conservationists and park authorities seemed powerless against the corporate and political interests behind the scheme.
Despite the failure, conservationists said the adult cranes showed strong parenting skills and could successfully raise the first wild crane chick next summer.
BEIRUT: Conservationists and government officials combined efforts to return a rare seal spotted on Tyre's coast back to the mammal's natural habitat.
The ruling is being regarded as an important victory by conservationists.
Bangkok : Global conservationists will converge in Bangkok for the start of key endangered species talks on Sunday, as host Thailand faces pressure to curb rampant ivory smuggling through its territory.
An eight-month-old baby bear is among twelve released into the wild by conservationists north of Moscow, Russia.
A region along Puerto Rico's north coast will be off-limits to developers untila lawsuit filed by conservationists is resolved, an appeals court ruled, reports AP (Jan.
ALMOST 200 rhinos have been killed in South Africa during the first half of the year in what conservationists are warning is a "poaching crisis".
UP TO FOUR million German television viewers have been shown disturbing footage of Cypriot bird trappers assaulting a group of conservationists on a top-rated current affairs programme.
Says Jack Carlson, retired NRCS chief information officer and project collaborator, "Software that accesses science models in OMS will help conservationists devote more of their time to their primary mission, providing science-based conservation planning and technical assistance to farmers.
TIGERS face extinction unless their habitats are policed and protected, warn conservationists.
A RARE butterfly has been given a new canalside home in Warwickshire by conservationists in a bid to increase its numbers, it has been announced.