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1) Specifically, legislatures have increasingly attached severe collateral consequences to misdemeanor offenses--consequences that formerly were triggered only by felonies.
Collateral consequences have long been hidden, buried in the language of state and federal statutes and codes, without a straightforward way for individuals, their attorneys or their sentencing judges to know which ones might be pertinent and applicable to a specific situation.
Schneider has cleverly put to work the science of consequences in this book.
In this case, the cultural consequences selective of the IBCs (and their aggregate products) are distinct from the aggregate product itself.
Once again, the participants' admissions were shaped by the proximal consequences.
While these collateral consequences are intended to protect public safety, it is also in the public interest to allow those who have served their sentences to reintegrate into society so they can pay their fines and support themselves and their families.
This Article first provides a brief history of collateral consequences and reentry.
The researchers note that their results may not be widely generalizable and that the limited number of potential consequences they studied "may not describe adolescents' full experiences.
Applying consequences is critical to shaping behavior.
But with pay-as-you-go, every such proposal would have to be linked directly to a consequence, and those consequences will not be popular.
First, we conducted a literature review to identify current estimates of prevalence and the adverse consequences associated with use of these drugs.
It follows that wider access to Plan B might lead teens to downplay the consequences of unsafe sex when considering the likelihood that it might lead to an unwanted pregnancy, which could in turn lead to a higher incidence of unsafe sex and STDs.
Therefore every decision which a person makes creates a new future and a set of virtually infinite consequences.
From Welfare to Workfare: The Unintended Consequences of Liberal Reform, 1945-1965.
Every decision you make will have its consequences.