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Synonyms for consensus



Synonyms for consensus

the quality or condition of being in complete agreement or harmony

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agreement in the judgment or opinion reached by a group as a whole

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He called of the campaign for political consenus on fighting terrorism following the killing of 135 children in a Taliban attack on an army public school in Peshawar.
The authors consider that there is still a lack of consenus on concepts, and on theories or theoretical models of this construct.
En ella se introduce la distincion entre fides pactionis y fides consenus, cuyo origen hay que situar una vez mas en la Escuela de Laon y que permite leer toda la quaestio de un modo razonablemente consensualista, de acuerdo con los desarrollos de la doctrina matrimonial del momento (42).
The NIH Consenus Conference on ovarian cancer: screening, treatment and follow-up.
At Pacific Crest Securities, analyst Brendan Barnicle estimates earnings a penny lower than the consenus, worrying that fans "may have gotten ahead of themselves" in predicting a business pickup.
com)-- In the November 2012 edition of The Consenus Letter, Consensus Research Group pointed to six key components in the Obama 2012 election victory.
Benhabib notes among the contributors to the Democracy and Difference volume a strain of thought that defines democracy in terms of "incessant contestation," largely because it regards the kind of deliberative democracy associated with Habermas (and Benhabib herself) as too oriented towards achieving consenus and likely to operate with a restricted idea of "rationality" as a qualification for entry into debate.
Political parties in the country have reached consenus to ban the method of extraction of natural gas out of environmental concerns after large-scale protests of residents of areas with already issued permits for exploration.
Responding to questions on whether Salam Fayyad will be nominated to continue in his post, al-Ahmad explained that no one is to be excluded, but both parties agreed to reach a consenus on the issue before forming the government.
Goldman Sachs economist Zach Pandl said his firm is predicting 150,000 jobs were added in May, compared with a Reuters consenus of 185,000.
We have also reached a broad consenus that no matter what the global landscape is we will remain good neighbours, friends and partners.