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consent by a patient to undergo a medical or surgical treatment or to participate in an experiment after the patient understands the risks involved

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The legal standard for sexual privacy should be this: No private sexual act should be illegal as long as all parties to it are consenting adults and no one else is harmed in the process.
In a given case, a consenting adult might commit suicide (whether or not it is legal) as a result of irrationality.
Texas is the very thought that in the United States in the 21st century, you can get arrested for having sex in your bedroom with a consenting adult.
His defense is that what happened on June 30th in Eagle County was a sexual encounter between two consenting adults.
THE Green Party will this week consider proposals to decriminalise all aspects of the sex industry involving consenting adults.
Today "sexual orientation" is portrayed as a "neutral" thing, while homosexual acts done in private between consenting adults have been legitimate by law since 1969.
But even then, you will have two apparently consenting adults, both in their late 30s, so there shouldn't be any cause for alarm," he offers.
Sean, who played Quidditch team captain Oliver Wood, won a Bafta Scotland award for Best Actor in television's Consenting Adults.
JOHN Leslie's girlfriend Abi Titmuss yesterday began a TV comeback, saying: "There's nothing wrong with consenting adults having sex.
What happened in Colorado is a sexual encounter between two consenting adults,'' Mackey said.
Responding to the Wolfenden Report, a 1957 study advocating the decriminalization of homosexual activity between consenting adults in Great Britain, Lord Patrick Devlin, a prominent judge, argued that society's "general abhorrence of homosexuality" is sufficient basis for sodomy laws.
I have no objection to the singing of God Save the Queen, even in Wales, so long as it is done between consenting adults in private, and not stuffed down the throats of innocent and credulous schoolchildren and coerced upon choirs.
An amendment to define sexual orientation in the Canadian Human Rights Act as only including acts between consenting adults, was soundly defeated in Parliament this spring.
Berman and other critics say they sympathize with Exon's concern about children accessing explicit material, but say that doesn't justify draconian restrictions on communication between consenting adults.
Sean, who plays Oliver Wood in the Potter movies, admitted the role of Jeremy in Consenting Adults was tough.