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Synonyms for consensus



Synonyms for consensus

the quality or condition of being in complete agreement or harmony

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agreement in the judgment or opinion reached by a group as a whole

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But effective consensus politics is more than a means, merely, of papering over the treacheries of real life.
The era of post-war consensus politics, when there was really very little to distinguish the two main parties, appeared to have ended at that defining moment.
The coalition has oozed consensus politics, which has ironically been a little damaging for the Liberal Democrats.
He is 'doing politics differently' and is working with the opposition parties and is aiming for consensus politics.
The opportunity will be utilised to conclude the peace process, complete the drafting of the Constitution and begin a new chapter of consensus politics," he added.
Now we feel that the fresh new style of politics we can bring to the region would be good for the region and consensus politics would be not a bad thing for a while.
But the Maoists must adopt consensus politics by implementing the past pacts.
While Hawke moved away from Keynesian consensus politics (and the Australian variant of 'new protection'); Rudd has moved to embrace aspects of Keynesianism, including promoting greater spending and consumption as anti-recession devices.
They did set up an organisation 30 years ago andndash; called HELCOM andndash; or the Helsinki commission, comprising all the countries bordering the Baltic but it has largely been run by consensus politics.
Iraq's Ja'fari Shi'ite PM Nuri al-Maleki is embarked on reforms aimed at shifting the process from consensus politics (a totalitarian formula applied in Iran and Syria, for example) to real democracy where the rule should emanate from the majority in the country's Council of Representatives (parliament).
With Lebanon's notoriously slow consensus politics, it could take many years to realize Geagea's vision.
Thomas and Beckel, noted political analysts who possess contrary political leanings, offer this guide to bipartisanship and explain how the use of consensus politics is the only way for the United States to complete a healing process.
There is, for example, a particularly interesting analysis of the genesis and impact of consensus politics.
We have added colour and vigour to what otherwise would have been stale consensus politics.
Swiss ultranationalist Christoph Blocher was ousted from the cabinet on December 12, in a surprise coup that called into question the country's tradition of consensus politics.