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a state of reduced excitement or anxiety that is induced by the administrative of a sedative agent

the administration of a sedative agent or drug

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Patel also violated care standards in December 2013 when another patient under conscious sedation to have teeth extracted inhaled a piece of gauze called a ''throat pack'' designed to protect him from swallowing foreign objects, the commission found.
This study was a simple prospective study to determine patient pain tolerability with transperineal prostatic gold seed implantation in the absence of conscious sedation.
As a result of his pioneering primary care based research in paediatric conscious sedation, Paul has been involved with drawing up national guidance on conscious sedation, working with the Standing Dental Advisory Committee on Conscious Sedation producing guidelines.
At point E, the patient was noted to have an RSS of 4, which was deemed too deep for conscious sedation.
Institutional standards for safe and effective provision of conscious sedation are required by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and other regulatory agencies.
In order to be certified in administering conscious sedation, deep sedation, and general anesthesia, a hygienist must take courses in airway management and monitoring procedures.
Neurosurgeons usually reserve conscious sedation for patients with tumors located near the brain's speech and sensorimotor centers, Chiocca says.
Hypnosis, used routinely to provide conscious sedation in the authors' Department of Plastic Surgery, results in high patient and surgeon satisfaction.
Any office endoscopy setting where a patient receives intravenous conscious sedation must comply with guidelines, accreditation and laws.
The surgical procedures are presented with the support of basic scientific knowledge and other medical specialties related to maxillary sinus surgery; endoscopic, radiological, anesthesia and conscious sedation techniques are all represented in the form of operational protocols.
ASA-1 and ASA-2 patients are also candidates for conscious sedation or "procedural" sedation, which includes mild forms of sedation such as oral pills (e.
Midazolam slows down both the heart and lung rate and is used for conscious sedation.
Methods: The assessment of cough reflex involved upper airway anesthesia, conscious sedation, and fiberoptic bronchoscopy; the biopsy forceps and a 5% dextrose solution were applied through the bronchoscope to the airway mucosa at the main carina, proximal and distal to the anastomosis.
National Clinical Guideline: managing anxious children: the use of conscious sedation in paediatric dentistry.
But I am concerned that a dark picture is painted of conscious sedation, which is very safe when done by trained practitioners.