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one who refuses to serve in the armed forces on grounds of conscience

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He explained he organised the hunger strike in a bid to pressure the authorities into releasing him and other conscientious objectors.
The Imperial War Museums (IWM) have revealed letters, photographs, cartoons and posters which explore the harsh treatment of conscientious objectors in the two world wars as they took a stand against conscription into the armed forces.
Conscientious objectors refuse to provide a service because the provision of this service contradicts the very core of their human existence, not because they disagree with the law, favor the life of the fetus or disagree with a woman's decision.
But members of these groups were not the only ones who felt that their attitudes towards war placed them in the category of conscientious objectors.
They and other conscientious objectors covered the walls of their cells with hundreds of pencil drawings and inscriptions, including political slogans, religious hymns, poetry, portraits of loved ones, and examples of dark humour.
There were 16,000 registered conscientious objectors, compared to eight million men in the armed forces.
Aled Eirug said: "As we mark the centenary of the First World War in Wales, and given the tendency to concentrate on the soldiers, in this lecture I will focus on those who opposed the War throughout Wales and especially on the over 800 conscientious objectors.
But during World War II, from 1942 to 1946, the "camp" had a very different purpose: It was a prison of sorts, housing conscientious objectors - COs - whose personal convictions ran so contrary to the idea of war that their moral sense could not allow them to participate.
At least 100 peopie face courts-martial for refusing to fight, and conscientious objectors have reported harassment after filing for conscientious objector status.
Notwithstanding the discussion of the multitude of conscientious objector definitions above, when fleshing out the argument that homeschooling is an act of conscientious objection to conventional public education, the definition of conscientious objectors as purely connected to military conscription will be used.
a) Protection of the right of conscientious objectors: (i) hospitals owned by religious groups are not required to refer a patient needing reproductive health care to another hospital; (ii) an RH care provider who is a conscientious objector is not obliged to follow the referral requirement; (iii) a private RH care provider who is a conscientious objector is not required to render 40-hour a year pro bono service to indigent women for PhilHealth accreditation.
While many men of what newsman Tom Brokaw called "the Greatest Generation" fought World War II in Europe, in the Pacific, and elsewhere, Ayres and his fellow conscientious objectors fought a different war, a war on the battleground of conscience.
The Conscientious Objectors suffered for refusing to fight while millions of their countrymen were giving their lives.
To be honest, the extreme conscientious objectors have always struck me as cranks," he said.