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Synonyms for pacifism

Synonyms for pacifism

the doctrine that all violence is unjustifiable

the belief that all international disputes can be settled by arbitration


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In the United States, the increase in the number of applicants for conscientious objector status in the military as well as public resistance to war in general "led to the beginning of the AVF: All-Volunteer Armed Force" (Chambers, 1993).
Ali's claim to conscientious objector status was based on religion, but his objection to the Vietnam War was also political.
You can be a secularist and live the life of "absolute" pacifism - that is, the belief that violence is never morally acceptable, whether in self-defence or on behalf of others - and still be refused conscientious objector status by a draft board.
Lyons, who joined the Navy in 2005, had already applied for conscientious objector status when he was ordered to undertake rifle training.
Lyons, left, had already applied for conscientious objector status when he was ordered to do rifle training before a tour to Afghanistan.
More than 72,000 men applied for conscientious objector status during WWII, but only 37,000 were accepted.
Moreover, by promulgating one's conscientious objector status, one avoids the previously noted problem of a moral dilemma resulting from a patient's reasonable reliance, which would require referral.
Army to deny Muslim soldier, Naser Abdo's request for conscientious objector status, accusing him of 'treason' and urging the military to punish him to the full extent of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
The Shakers strove to persuade President Abraham Lincoln to grant them conscientious objector status during an era drenched in American blood; and they grieved with the nation when an assassin's bullet ended Lincoln's life far too soon.
Because nonreligious, freethinking soldiers who are willing to serve in the armed forces are facing discrimination, as are nonbelievers who seek conscientious objector status.
While serving in Iraq with the 320th Military Police Company of the US Army, Aidan Delgado's newfound adherence to Buddhism and his witness of abuses at Abu Ghraib led him to apply for and receive conscientious objector status and to later become an active participant in the anti-war movement.
25) Although the statute exempts conscientious objectors from combat service, those granted conscientious objector status must still serve the U.
They actually returned to England in March 1942 and were granted conscientious objector status after tribunals.
military members are volunteers, and Washington allows service personnel to apply for conscientious objector status.
Conscientious Objector status is suppose to exclude one from military service--but what if you're already in the military?