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United States writer (1889-1973)

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It is a living example of what he earlier had told Conrad Aiken about the difference between tragic and petty suffering.
Segun refiere Edward Butscher, autor de Conrad Aiken.
El autor de Blue Voyage era Conrad Aiken, que le doblaba la edad.
Unpublished letters by Conrad Aiken in the Random House Papers have been quoted with the permission of Joseph I.
Miss Aiken was the daughter of Conrad Aiken, the Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet and novelist, who had settled with his Canadian wife Jessie McDonald,also a writer,in Rye,Sussex.
That one of the ships mentioned in the book was called the Philoctetes was entirely witting and symbolic; Lowry was nothing if not programmatic, to the extent that Conrad Aiken characterized his life as "a feat of literary trompe-l'oeil.
The Short Stories of Conrad Aiken was published in 1950 and his autobiography, Ushant, in 1952.
THE American poet, Conrad Aiken (1889-1973), whose writing, verse and prose demonstrates an evident interest in psychological enquiry indicated that he had been strongly influenced by Freud from about 1912 and goes on to suggest that everybody had been influenced by Freud whether they were aware of it or not.
Lorenz wrote Lorelei Two: My Life with Conrad Aiken (1983), illuminating from another perspective some of the material of Ushant.
The Selected Letters of Conrad Aiken (1978) contains correspondence with such literary colleagues as Wallace Stevens, Harriet Monroe, and Edmund Wilson.
Lo mismo se cuenta que Malcolm recibio del escritor Conrad Aiken su opinion sobre unos versos libres del autor, segun la cual "la libertad llega despues del dominio de las formas poeticas no antes".
And in 1914 in a letter to Conrad Aiken he wrote: "Pound is rather intelligent as a talker and his verse is well-meaning but touchingly incompetent.
This is extended to the notion expressed by Conrad Aiken, whom Parulskis quotes as an epigraph to his book, that "The Lord is a space between a page and a text, imagination and knowledge, reality and nonbeing.
A more fateful visit was to Conrad Aiken who exerted a strong but baleful influence on Lowry.
During this period <IR> CONRAD AIKEN </IR> , John Massey, <IR> PADRAIC COLUM </IR> , <IR> RANDOLPH BOURNE </IR> , and <IR> VAN WYCK BROOKS </IR> were listed as editors.