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monotypic genus of tropical American trees: button tree

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Tambien se reconoce la dureza de la madera de Conocarpus erectus, codiciada para la construccion de viviendas y cercas perimetrales.
Monoculture, or planting of only one species, is against all tree plantation protocols, but they were all bypassed so that all one sees around one are Conocarpus, to the disadvantage of the local trees like neem and lignum that had earlier dotted avenues and medians.
There is also skeptical about cutting down 6,321 Conocarpus trees.
Conocarpus erectus is the species of family Combretaceae.
The meeting was convened after a news story of planting 'wrong species such as Conocarpus, Eucalyptus, Dodonea and Mesquite, appeared in a newspaper and was circulated with foresters on All-Forester Network, maintained by a think tank LEAD Pakistan.
Therefore, air pollution tolerance index (APTI) was tested in polluted and blank areas in six plant species, namely, Conocarpus, Myrtus, Prosopis, Eucalyptus, Ziziphus, and Lebbek, which are abundant in the Ahvaz region during 2014.
Many trees, including century old Banyan and Neem and newly introduced Conocarpus, have been chopped by government and private organisations, including schools, particularly after the December 2014 massacre at Army Public School, Peshawar.
Type Association Cayo Halophyte or coastal Pioneer vegetation Norte and Centro dune vegetation Coastal brush with Lobos Tournefortia gnaphalodes, Ipomoea alba, and Ipomoea pes-caprae Coastal brush with Centro Pithecellobium keyense Low coastal forest with Norte and Centro Bursera simaruba Secondary vegetation Norte and Centro Mangrove Fringe mangrove with Norte and Centro Rhizophora mangle Mixed mangrove with Avicenia Norte and Centro germinans, Conocarpus erectus, Laguncularia racemosa, and Rhizophora mangle Mangrove with Avicenia Norte and Centro germinans Mangrove with Conocarpus Centro erectus TABLE 2--List of reptile species present in Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve, Quintana Roo, Mexico.
La vegetacion en la zona de Puerto Velero esta representada por bosques de manglar, en los cuales predominan las especies Avicennia germinans (mangle salado) y Conocarpus erectus (mangle rojo), esta cobertura aun se mantiene a pesar de las talas para la construccion de cercas de los potreros y viviendas con miras al ecoturismo (INVEMAR, 2005).
Dubai: Dubai's high-profile Shaikh Zayed Road will be lined with Conocarpus trees that will act as windbreakers stopping sand encroachment on the road.
Every tree makes your house/neighbourhood more relaxing and beautiful, however always make sure it is an indigenous type of tree that doesn't cause problems like the conocarpus and eucalyptus which might break into your sewers/ waterline to get to your water supply.
Mientras que Corchorus hirsutus y Strumpfia maritima solamente se registran en Cayo Grande, de igual forma sucede con Conocarpus erectus, Chamaecrista lineata y Ernodea littoralis en Cayo Anclitas.
En Pinones se utilizaba ampliamente el mangle colorado (Rhizophora mangle); el mangle negro (Avicennia germinans); (26) el mangle blanco (Laguncularia racemosa); y Conocarpus erectus, conocido generalmente como botoncillo pero en Pinones como mangle negro o mangle prieto (en Pinones el Avicennia germinans se conoce como "sietecueros").