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an aggregation or continuous network of urban communities

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This was in spite of the FA's own rules and guidance that a football club should operate in its own connurbation (although this had already been compromised several years earlier by allowing Wimbledon to ground-share with Crystal Palace).
For a century Glasgow had revelled under the title 'Second City', but its population was dropping, as slum clearance moved large numbers outside the connurbation.
Birmingham - taking in the wider connurbation - came 12th in the table with a GDP of pounds 36 billion, while Greater Manchester was two places behind at 14, with pounds 34 billion.
After all, Stratford, Worcester, Coventry, Wolverhampton, Lichfield et al hardly see themselves as part and parcel of the second-city connurbation.
The Metro compares very well with Berlin's transport system but it is a fraction of what is needed for the West Midlands connurbation to get anywhere near the equivalent Continental cities.
Perhaps the magic of the potions doesn't work as well unless the spell contains a random set of English connurbations with a convenient size and geographic spread"
It is the nature of life in dense urban connurbations.