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Synonyms for connotation

Synonyms for connotation

something, such as a feeling, thought, or idea, associated in one's mind or imagination with a specific person or thing

Synonyms for connotation

what you must know in order to determine the reference of an expression

an idea that is implied or suggested

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MANILA, Philippines The head of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) has suggested that the slogans "Oplan Tokhang" and "Oplan Double Barrel" be dropped from the government's war on drugs because of their negative connotations.
HOW sad to read that a mother wants Sleeping Beauty banned in schools because of sexual connotations.
he questioned the majority's assumption that a consumer would retain fine connotations from one drinking establishment to the next.
Volume one is focused on the theoretical framework of China's system of development finance, with specific sections devoted to an examination of the realistic environment and the plight of long-term financing, the successful practice of development finance in China, theoretical connotations of development finance, and international comparisons of finance policy.
He cautioned against the danger of such defamatory and racist-tainted connotations in fomenting sedition and fueling unrest in society.
The governing body said the investigation is continuing into the gesture, which is regarded by some in France as having anti-Semitic connotations.
The word "monkey" can in some contexts have racist connotations and Lord Ouseley, chairman of anti-racism campaign group Kick It Out, called on the FA to investigate.
The word 'monkey' can in certain contexts have racist connotations and Lord Ouseley, chairman of anti-racism campaign group Kick It Out, has called on the FA to investigate.
He was trying to illustrate why his players should give the ball to winger Andros Townsend, but issued an apology after it was leaked, with the potentially damaging inference that the joke had racist connotations, the report further said.
But the phrases 'deaf mute', 'deaf and dumb' and 'hearing impaired' are inappropriate terms because of their negative connotations.
Readers are assumed to have some knowledge of corpus linguistics and at least a hazy knowledge of metaphor, connotations, and other secondary meaning.
Summary: Pete Doherty has apologised for performing a verse of the national anthem with Nazi connotations in Germany.
One reason was many of the parents of the children here had very negative connotations of school.
But in order to gain a more precise idea of what the writer or speaker wishes to convey it is necessary that the reader or hearer have some conception of the connotations surrounding the words used.