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If it arises early in the course of connective-tissue disease, screening blood serum for it might offer an early warning of such diseases, prompting physicians to monitor such patients closely, Hefeneider suggests.
Hailey created the Insurance Oversight Committee because he knew a majority of ATLA members handle vehicle collision cases but are hampered by the insurance industry's stonewalling and juror misunderstandings about connective-tissue injuries.
Five women with implants developed some form of connective-tissue disease, as did an equal proportion of women (10) without implants.
In early June, even before the NEJM connective-tissue disease study, Y-ME Executive Director Sharon Green wrote to Kessler asking him to "make a public statement regarding the most recent epidemiological studies.
When he began his study, he added, lawyers representing women with implants were saying that the devices increased the risk of connective-tissue diseases by 500 percent.
connective-tissue injuries can be painful and even crippling
Silicone breast implants and the risk of connective-tissue diseases and symptoms.
Physicians have long theorized that Marfan's is a connective-tissue disease.
This connective-tissue disorder, which afflicts more than 40,000 people in the United States, can lead to an elongated skeleton, eye abnormalities and a potentially lethal heart defect (SN: 8/4/90, p.
Dick, a stem-cell researcher a the University of Toronto, notes that other researchers have already shown that cells bearing CD34 but lacking Lin can grow for months among marrow connective-tissue cells in the laboratory.
Because fibroblasts normally secrete collagen and fibronectin -- two major constituents of connective tissue -- Tuszynski and his colleagues predicted the cells would generate connective-tissue bridges to heal the rats' spinal cords.
Both of the integrins are known to bind to laminin, a connective-tissue fiber that constitutes the so-called basement membrane encasing tissues and organs.
The study's authors--doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota--said their research showed "no association between breast implants and the connective-tissue diseases and other disorders that were studied.
Doctors who have treated women with breast implant problems argue that any study that fads to take these medical conditions into account cannot be relied on to prove implants do not cause connective-tissue diseases.
Research found that of a list of 10 signs and symptoms of connective-tissue diseases, only morning stiffness was statistically significant among women who had implants compared to those who did not.
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