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Of the eleven samples that stained positive for the connective tissue cells, six demonstrated more number of stromal cells than paravascular cells, and four demonstrated more number of para-vascular cells, with one section showing equal distribution of cells in the paravascular and stromal locations.
of Worcester, reported yesterday that they used a cell-penetrating peptide to ferry four key proteins into connective tissue cells.
Planted into adult connective tissue cells in the laboratory, they caused the cells to go "into reverse" and lose their programming.
In the vicinity of the digestive gland, flattened layers of the connective tissue cells were present around the sporocysts.
Bone marrow not only can differentiate into heart cells but also smooth muscle cells, connective tissue cells, and other types of cells to reconstitute the entire structure of a tissue," he said.
The researchers purified ATR from human connective tissue cells, then mixed the purified ATR with both damaged and undamaged DNA.
The type of tissue used may also have made a difference - Dolly was created from a mammary cell, while connective tissue cells called fibroblasts were used to make the cows.
The latter explanation is supported by the well-known morphologic pattern seen in late-stage otosclerosis, in which only a very small number of osteoblasts, blood vessels, and connective tissue cells can be found.
have measured the traction forces exerted during the motion of connective tissue cells from chickens.
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