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a rod that transmits motion (especially one that connects a rotating wheel to a reciprocating shaft)

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7) Subject: Inspection & Certification Of Marine Engine Connecting Rods
8 Turbo High Performance Connecting Rods 240 USD/set
Connecting rods cap ends were produced seperately and had been sawn or machined apartly to enable of a bearing and attachment to the crankshaft.
This system is capable of handling 77 connecting rod variants and operators, and can gauge a part in 55 seconds; the system provides go/no go assessment as well as all of the measured component dimensions.
Thus, the pin coupling is replaced by three parallel connecting rods with bearings (Fig.
This research project investigated weight and cost reduction opportunities that steel forged connecting rods offer.
With several decades of experience competing in motorcycle, dragster, straightaway, and championship-car racing, he identified the importance of and need for more dependable connecting rods in the engines of these high-performance vehicles.
The new plant will initially accommodate machining and assembly of transmissions and drive shafts as well as machining of crank shafts and connecting rods for engines.
Older 1000- and 1500-ton models had a single actuator on each side of the machine that operated the top and bottom nuts by means of connecting rods.
According to the Detroit Free Press, proprietary information on Metaldyne's profitable powdered-metal connecting rods used in truck engines was alleged to be used by Chongqing Huafa Industry Co.
Renault would have to screen off the connecting rods in some way.
Services vary from location to location, but at one site or another they include disassembly and inspection, recontouring and machining, land work on connecting rods.
The 270 Skid Steer, powered by a 82-horsepower John Deere 4045D high-torque engine with direct-injection, has exclusive wet-sleeve design, high-ring pistons and precision joint connecting rods.
LEWAtriplex Monoblock Leak-Free Process Diaphragm Pumps feature one crankshaft with cam precisely machined to 120, roller bearings on both ends for full support, and shock-resistant sleeve bearings on the connecting rods.
SMI also developed and introduced pearlitic malleable iron (known as ArmaSteel) in 1936, which was used extensively for military applications during WWII and the Korean War and also for the conversion of crankshafts and connecting rods from steel forgings to cast components in the 1950s.
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