Conn's syndrome

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disturbances in saltwater balance and symptoms of weakness and muscular cramps and twitching and convulsions and sometimes paralysis

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The tumor can present due either to hormone production causing Cushing syndrome or Conn syndrome or to mass effect.
In healthy subjects and in patients with essential or renovascular hypertension, renin was overestimated by 20% or less, but the deviation can be larger in situations in which plasma prorenin comprises >90% of total renin, such as in low-renin essential hypertension, pregnant women, in patients with Conn syndrome, and in patients with diabetes mellitus.
Our results show this to be sufficient for measuring renin in plasmas from patients with suppressed renin, such as patients with Conn syndrome or low-renin essential hypertension.
2; range 189-535 [micro]mol/L), average age 59 years (range 29-83 years; 9 men, 8 women); a 42-year-old woman with a pheochromocytoma; 2 patients with Conn syndrome (a 37-year-old woman and a 35-year-old man); and a 75-year-old woman with persistent hypertension and hypokalemia.
The two patients with Conn syndrome had similar results on both assays: 2662 vs 2812 pmol/L and 1539 vs 1716 pmol/L.