confidence trick

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a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property

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But clicking on the link merely enables conmen to take over the victim's computer and gain access to their bank account.
Conmen like these have always relied on the human frailties lust, laziness, ambition and greed.
The conmen ask for payment details to process a PS50 upfront fee to open the file.
The correspondence ends abruptly when conmen receive the 'charges.
Boiler room scams exist all over the world and when one jurisdiction gets too hot to handle, the conmen stoke up their activities elsewhere.
The heartless conmen convinced the couple they needed work done to their home and talked them into parting with the cash.
The conmen are operating on the Irish website toutless.
Machine cloning may be on the way to become the "preferred mode" of conmen, officials fear.
CRUEL conmen stole more than pounds 100 in cash when they walked into the home of an elderly woman.
Conmen pretending to be from the water board tricked their way into the couple's home in Hill Street, Bedworth, to carry out the heart-breaking theft.
CONMEN posing as water board officials are targeting pensioners in the Black Country and Birmingham.
As part of the modus operandi, the conmen would convince their aetargetsAE that they possessed some supernatural powers and could multiply money.
Bogus workmen, tricksters and conmen have one thing in common; they prey on the elderly and the vulnerable.
TWO pensioners were targeted by conmen posing as water company employees.
It is the latest in a series of distraction burglaries in which conmen "panic" their victims into allowing them inside.