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a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property

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According to the police, the conman convinced the old woman to hand over cash and her gold jewellery to be melted down and used for the implants.
The conman also applied for a credit card in his friend's name with his own name as a second card holder - and withdrew cash.
30pm, he had completed sending the cards and pin numbers worth Dh16,500 to "du" (the name of the conman displayed on his BlackBerry).
According to the Independent, Waugh's body was stuffed into a holdall, dumped in the boot of a car and left in a south London lock-up after Bhayani recruited Nicholas Kutner, 48, a career conman, to join his plot.
But here lies a mystery, because some critics allege that a lot of Abagnale's life story HAS been made up - by the conman himself.
However, the conman changed the last two digits to *** 99.
Police say the goods were fakes and are appealing for aid in tracing the conman.
Ramallah: A 19-year-old Palestinian died on Monday after being severely beaten by a conman hired by the teen's family to exorcise an aACAyevil spirit' from his body.
Detectives warned it was at least the second time the conman had been to Stafford to dupe women into handing over cash.
Conman King, 61, who met Anthea Major, 55, and Monica Walford, 51, through a website, was pursuing FIVE relationships at the time, Preston crown court heard.
The conman then went on a spending spree at city centre jewellers.
AN ELDERLY couple had their life savings of thousands of pounds stolen by a "despicable" conman who tricked his way into their Birmingham home.
POLICE are hunting a "big and burly" conman who stole money from an 86-year-old woman at a retirement complex in Nuneaton.
DETECTIVES in north Warwickshire are hunting a conman who stole from a pensioner after tricking his way into her home.
CONMAN Peter Foster, the man at the centre of the Cheriegate scandal, was last night back behind bars in Australia.