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a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property

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The conman has called to a number of different areas - the latest being in the Carrick area of Castlefin.
Sources in Hebron told Gulf News that the victim's family knew that Karim had a psychiatric disorder, but the family preferred the service of the conman to exorcise the "evil spirit" using black magic.
However, the conman changed the last two digits to *** 99.
But here lies a mystery, because some critics allege that a lot of Abagnale's life story HAS been made up - by the conman himself.
Bhayani and Waugh had met online and after the conman was successful at making her believe he was 'one of the good guys', she started lending him large sums and supported him even when he was sent to prison over earlier frauds.
According to the police, the conman convinced the old woman to hand over cash and her gold jewellery to be melted down and used for the implants.
A WREXHAM man who set up bogus bank accounts in other people's names and withdrew cash was branded a career conman by a judge.
In just four hours he lost to an SMS lottery conman the Dh16,500 he had put aside for his wedding.
As at Wednesday, 410 people have registered complaints against the conman at the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA).
Conman Simon Swift claimed he had six months to live and even shaved his head to give his story more credibility.
Summary: Jim Carrey plays a gay conman in his latest film, I Love You Phillip Morris.
Charity founder Brian Burnie last night spoke of his disgust after the conman attempted to cash the counterfeit cheque on behalf of his charity, Daft As A Brush.
PAGE 9 Conman jailed SERIAL conman Russell Oakes, above, who masqueraded as a doctor and a vet, has been jailed for two years.
When Times of Oman approached him he didnEoe1/4aot wish to talk directly to the press but said that the conman had been known to be operating in Mawaleh, Azaiba and Al Hail areas.