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the inedible nutlike seed of the horse chestnut

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Organisers sent out an urgent SOS and now a cracking supply of king-sized conkers is swinging into the Tyne Valley village from far and wide.
I used to play conkers all the time as a youngster and I have never been hit on the head by one.
For weeks, enthusiasts have been scouring the city's parks and gardens on the hunt for the perfect winning conker and practising their smashing swing in an attempt to scoop this year's crown.
Spokesman Keith Flett said ideally the conkers would ripen in warm, sunny and dry conditions then fall off the trees in wet and windy weather.
Keith Hardy, play and urban games manager, said: "The game of conkers has attracted a spoilsport image over recent years so we hope these games will dispel that a little.
The traditional game is not allowed in many UK schools as some institutes fear that they could be sued if children get hurt playing conkers, while others insist pupils can only play if they wear goggles, reports The Daily Express.
Created on a former coalmine that's now part of the National Forest, Conkers is a rapidly-maturing, 120-acre mixture of woodland and wetland, lakes and paths.
Organiser Phil Heneghan said the new measures will ensure fairness at Poulton International Conkers Tournament in Somerset on October 2.
Like Brunel Franklin's highly successful endowment and investment bonds claims services, Conkers.
CONKER players drill a hole in the conker, thread string through and then smash it against an opponent's until one is broken and falls to the ground.
Making paper aeroplanes might, just, be deemed safe enough but anything could happen in a game of marbles or conkers.
Conkers, near Ashby-de-la-Zouch, is the ideal place for relaxing, playing and learning about life in the British woodland.
Conkers are handed out on the day preventing tricks like soaking them in vinegar to harden them and thus gaining an unfair advantage.
Is it really true conkers are no longer allowed on school playgrounds?
COUNCIL bosses have been blasted for removing ALL the conkers from a giant chestnut tree - despite a girl of four suffering a fractured skull when she walked under it.