subjunctive mood

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a mood that represents an act or state (not as a fact but) as contingent or possible


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X, Y, ama Z), titles, at all structural levels, and with conjunctive mood clause chaining.
Finally, the base a- also contributes a particle asix 'with, together with, also;' Bergsland (1992:101) sees asix as a petrified conjunctive mood of at-, ultimately from a-t- 'be-CAUS-' 'to bring about.
Further, simultaneous and atemporal conjunction can be expressed via non-parallel syntactic structures, with one clause in the conjunctive mood and the second in a superordinate mood as in examples (40) and (41), or parallel structures, with both clauses in the same mood, as in example
For example, the requirement that sequential combinations be chained, rather than coordinated, suggests that sequential and simultaneous events should not be treated identically, despite the use of conjunctive mood in both cases and a long tradition which relates simultaneous or sequential action with the conjunctive mood in descriptions of Eskimo-Aleut languages.