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edema of the mucous membrane of the eyeball and eyelid lining

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Various clinical pictures including mild-moderate conjunctival erythema, little, mucoid or abundant, purulent discharge, ocular edema, conjunctival edema or pseudomembrane formation may be observed (7,8,18).
The characterized findings include pharyngitis, fever, conjunctival edema, hyperemia and bilateral preauricular lympadenopahty (2,48,50).
Although the patient has findings of upper respiratory infection, opthalmic symptoms including severe irritation, photophobia, conjunctival edema, punctal epithelial defect, folicular (early) or papillary (late) response and small petechial hemorrhages are predominant (5,48,50).
Excessive tears, mucoid discharge, mild erythema, palpebral edema and conjunctival edema may be observed (Picture 3) (3,4).
The most common ocular adverse reactions occurring in 5-15% of subjects in clinical studies with Durezol[TM] included corneal edema, ciliary and conjunctival hyperemia, eye pain, photophobia, posterior capsule opacification, anterior chamber cells, anterior chamber flare, conjunctival edema and blepharitis.