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either of two complex numbers whose real parts are identical and whose imaginary parts differ only in sign

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1]: the absolute value of the conjugate complex characteristic roots, and [theta]: an arc the magnitude of which is given by relation (A.
This restriction resulted to the determination of two conjugate complex characteristic roots, ensuring the sinusoidal diachronic evolution of income.
1]]: two initial conditions, k & l: the real and imaginary part of the conjugate complex roots respectively with k = [bar.
Rovba [1996], on the other hand, considers mixtures of real and conjugate complex poles, all of order 2, and a value of n such that 2n - 1 - m = 1; making [R.
m] are either real or occurring in conjugate complex pairs, and we assume that [[Omega].
m] are real and the case where they are all complex occurring in conjugate complex pairs.