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the legal right in a prison for the inmate and spouse to have sexual intercourse

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In 1974, Bowles escaped his handlers while on a conjugal visit with his girlfriend.
Caged for three years and three months after admitting conspiracy to import and supply drugs, he previously spent time in a Spanish jail were a conjugal visit was seen as "being important to the family unit".
An inmate asks Earl to explain to his girlfriend why he can't see her for a conjugal visit.
In addition, condoms are provided to conjugal visit participants to keep pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases to a minimum (Lillis, 1993).
The Moroccan prisoners' guide states: "A conjugal visit is not a right under Moroccan law.
London, July 5 (ANI): Mexican police have arrested a woman, who was trying to sneak her common-law-husband out of a prison in a suitcase, following a conjugal visit.
A prison insider said last night: "There's no telling what he'll do, especially when you consider that he's trying to persuade the Governor to allow him a conjugal visit to consummate the marriage.
A conjugal visit typically allows an inmate to spend 48 hours of privacy with a spouse in a special, kitchen-equipped "residential unit.
But they still remain married and once a year she travels to his New York jail for a 44-hour conjugal visit when the couple are allowed time alone for sex, away from guards and cameras.
Chapman told a parole panel last week that after spending the first few years in mandatory protective custody, he was offered the option of entering a conjugal visit program.
And they'll get a day off on Sunday - dubbed "Love Day" because it's the squad's first conjugal visit.
Juan Ramirez Tijerina's wife Maria del Mar Arjona tried to smuggle him from a Mexican jail after a conjugal visit yesterday.
Oh, to see Edmonds' face when a lifer who's gone six years without a conjugal visit brings up his Crinkley Bottom.
Under Spanish law, Debbie, from Alloa, and Stewart, 33, from Tullibody, both Clackmannanshire, will be entitled to one conjugal visit a month.
Lord Stewart said the case was not about conjugal visits, which are not permitted in British jails.