Erlenmeyer flask

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a conical flask with a wide base and narrow neck

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Time The effect of contact time and initial dye concentration were studied by shaking the series of conical flasks containing 50 mL of dye solution with different concentrations in the range of 25-150 mg/L at room temperature.
Two grammes of the extracted castor oil was weighed into a 200ml conical flask already containing of 20ml acetic acid--chloroform solution (2 parts of acetic acid to 1 part of chloroform) and 1ml of saturated KI solution (4 parts of KI in 3 parts of distilled water) was added and allowed to stand in the dark for exactly one minute.
For the control, also 50g of the agro-wastes was put in another set of conical flasks and 500ml of distilled water added.
The unidentified fungus was sub-cultured in four 250 ml conical flasks, each containing 150 ml culture medium (3% malt with 6% added glucose) for three weeks and then transferred into 2 dm [3] flasks (Thompson bottles) for 8 weeks each containing 1 [dm.
25g) was weighed into each of eight (8) conical flasks and distilled water (25.
Cardiff experts have utilised highly-sophisticated equipment in the centre to create components, including special conical flasks, for the storage and preservation of the sample microbes.
Their interest in medicine has led them to buying an optician's chart for their lounge, a 1950s dentist chair, several antique conical flasks and the skeleton of a human foot.