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a conical flask with a wide base and narrow neck

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Conical flask capacity: At least 10 for 100 ml, 8 for 250 ml and 5 for 500 ml.
Inoculated petriplates and conical flasks containing Richard's medium were incubated at 15[degrees]C, 20[degrees]C, 25[degrees]C, 30[degrees]C, 35[degrees]C, 40[degrees] C and room temperature.
Impact of incubation time for maximum production of antimicrobial peptide was optimized by 1 % culture of producer strain grown in conical flasks containing 50 ml BHI broth maintained at 37 C.
Conical flasks were shaken on wrist action shaker for 2 h and then filtered through filter paper and dried for 2 days.
2M NaOH, and was dispensed into 250ml conical flasks at 20ml per flask.
of boiling, the medium was transferred in 250 mL conical flasks at the rate of 200 mL per flask.
20 grams each in four different conical flaks, 35 grams each in another sets of four conical flasks and 50 grams in another four different conical flasks).
The conical flasks were labeled A, B, C and D for the samples and A1, B1, C1 and D1 for the controls respectively.
The conical flasks with its content were dried in an oven at 90[degrees] C for 36 hours to remove the water.
The unidentified fungus was sub-cultured in four 250 ml conical flasks, each containing 150 ml culture medium (3% malt with 6% added glucose) for three weeks and then transferred into 2 dm [3] flasks (Thompson bottles) for 8 weeks each containing 1 [dm.
Each of the extract concentration was kept aseptically in 150 ml conical flasks.
25g) was weighed into each of eight (8) conical flasks and distilled water (25.
Cardiff experts have utilised highly-sophisticated equipment in the centre to create components, including special conical flasks, for the storage and preservation of the sample microbes.