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a conical flask with a wide base and narrow neck

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2M NaOH, and was dispensed into 250ml conical flasks at 20ml per flask.
75ml of dehydrated crude oil and processed sands were mixed in the conical flask according to the volume ratio of 1:4 then weighed after stirring and aging for 48 hours; 3.
Fungi: 100ml of SDA agar was prepared in a sterile conical flask and autoclave.
She said: "There was an incident when a single conical flask used during a class demonstration shattered.
These bulbous, rough-hewn figures contrast sharply with the "moderne" curvilinear vessels Can, 1999, and Conical Flask, 2000, while the more horizontal Can-Can, Rod, and Sinbad (all 2000) feature thick edges and slashing hollows that cleave them into segments.
0 g) in a conical flask (50 mL) was allowed to stand for 50 min at 30 [degrees] C after removal from the incubated flasks.
The main difference was the speed with which the Soxhlet method reached equilibrium compared to the conical flask method for a high-ethylene-containing EPDM (sample 4) extended with 100 phr of paraffinic oil (see figure 2).
Place a few pieces of blackboard chalk in water 150cm3) in a 250cm3 conical flask.
01 g of curcumin standard was dissolved in acetonitrile, making up to a volume of 50 ml of glass-stoppered conical flask.
The Jatropha seed oil was then poured into a conical flask and put into a water bath with a stirrer.
The soil was then crushed into powder by electric mill and divided into 30 sub-samples (50 g each) and each sub-sample maintained in a separated clean conical flask (100 ml).
The initial growth of the fungus in conical flask showed a brown upper surface and a yellow coloration underneath the mycelium.
0 g were added in stoppered conical flask containing 200 ml of solution of cyanide having initial concentration of 10 mg/L.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Items And Equipments For Physics Laboratory Out Of Misc & Contingent Expenditure For The Fy 2015-16 : 1 Conical Flask 500 ml Borosil No 09
50ml of glycerol aspargine broth supplemented with 20[micro]g/ml carbofuran was taken in 150ml conical flask.