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a conical flask with a wide base and narrow neck

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Flocculation studies were conducted by immersing the nanocomposite completely in 20 ml of standard solution of Congo red dye in 100 ml conical flask.
In conical flask 2 ml of this solution was taken and titrated against the dye solution in burette.
In this method, five gram soil sample was taken in a conical flask and treated with 50 ml 0.
Fourty milliliters of potato dextrose broth medium was poured into a 100ml conical flask under aseptic conditions.
10) g of Coir Pith adsorbent is added to the third conical flask and 10 g of Orange Peel adsorbent is added to the fourth conical flask.
The content of each conical flask were kept in a shaker at 190 rpm and 30[degrees]C for 120 h.
The volume was adjusted with distilled water and filtered in a conical flask through Whatman filter paper No.
0 g was transferred to 1000 mL conical flask and using a measuring cylinder, sterile distilled water was used to make up the volume to 1000 mL.
50 g of ground sample was taken into 500 mL conical flask and 25 mL of water, 25 g diatomaceous earth and 150 mL chloro-form was added.
Two grammes of the extracted castor oil was weighed into a 200ml conical flask already containing of 20ml acetic acid--chloroform solution (2 parts of acetic acid to 1 part of chloroform) and 1ml of saturated KI solution (4 parts of KI in 3 parts of distilled water) was added and allowed to stand in the dark for exactly one minute.
Diamine or their substituted diamine(150 mmol) in 50 mL methanol was introduced in a 250 mL conical flask and the mixture was allowed to cool in a freezing mixture of ice and salt (0[degrees]C).
Oil extraction experiments were performed by using low frequency vibration experimental apparatus, conical flask, sands, surfactant solution etc.
15 g of calcined residue was poured into 250 mL conical flask and then a predetermined amount of 12% HCl solution was added.