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English playwright remembered for his comedies (1670-1729)

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As always, the theme is love, the pursuit of it, the loss of it, or the dream of it, mainly from old men pursuing much younger women, or London gadabouts, foppish, superficial and greedy, a strata of 17th century society at whom Congreve tilts unsparingly.
They were not called matches but congreves after Sir William Congreve, the rocket inventor who John admired.
1670: William Congreve, English playwright, was born near Leeds.
1732: The original Covent Garden Opera House opened with The Way Of The World, by William Congreve.
Miles Congreve, Head of Chemistry said, "We are happy to have signed this new contract with O2h; they have been a solid chemistry partner and have also supported us with some basic ADME, which helps to reduce discovery cycle times.
Ambrose Congreve, CBE, who was knighted by the Queen, is owner of Mount Congreve estate in Kilmeaden, in Co Waterford.
Although the club grew to over 50 members the author concentrates on only twelve men and in particular, on Addison, Congreve, Steele, Vanbrugh and Jacob Tonson (the publisher and founder).
Literary criticism and literary history have little use for Georgian drama beyond Goldsmith and Sheridan, and except for these two, the canon runs from George Etherege, William Wycherely, and William Congreve straight to Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw.
William Congreve achieved immortality (of a sort) through the American national anthem.
Readers will appreciate the creative eccentricities of William Congreve and Robert Goddard, and enjoy learning about the different rocket motors and how they work.
Sometime around 1704 the poet and dramatist William Congreve joined in partnership with the amateur architect Sir John Vanbrugh to build a theater in the Haymarket to serve as a new home for Betterton's company, and, not incidentally, to provide the most up-to-date stage machinery.
Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast," wrote William Congreve in The Mourning Bride.
The World as Scenery' contrives to include Congreve, Pope, Bibiena, Piranesi, Soane, Gothic novels, Venice as scenery, and Vanbrugh.
The break in the hostilities, during which enemies played football and swapped presents, was watched by Victoria Cross hero General Walter Congreve, who led the Rifles Brigade.
They targeted part of the council-erected display along Congreve Walk last Wednesday night - less than a week after the official switch-on ceremony, performed by mayor Brian Hawkes.