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a territorial division of a state

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If turnover like that was normal in other congressional districts, the politics would probably balance out.
Once operational, the two congressional districts can surely improve the service it can offer to its constituents and improve the quality of legislation as well," Mercado said.
Analysts say that most congressional districts are so stacked toward one party or the other that incumbents generally face little threat of losing, regardless of a challenger's resume.
To stop gerrymandering, all we have to do is require that congressional districts be "normal" shapes.
Diabetes in America; a geographic & demographic analysis of an epidemic by state and congressional district.
The economic impact the nation's franchised businesses have on local economies in the states and congressional districts is outsized in comparison to their numbers.
California's 14th Congressional District, located between San Francisco and San Jose, is highest among congressional districts.
McCain comfortably won the electoral votes tied to the 1st and 3rd Congressional Districts.
Obama among Democrats and independents in all 53 California congressional districts," Obama national campaign manager David Plouffe said in an e-mail to delegate applicants, notifying them that they had been reinstated.
Texas: For over two decades, the League has supported the formation of a redistricting commission with the initial responsibility of formulating a redistricting plan designating boundaries for congressional districts and state House and Senate districts.
Nebraska and Maine each grant two electoral votes to the winner, with the remaining electoral college votes cast according to the winner of each congressional district.
Number: The number of children with disabilities ranged from lows of less than 3,000 in the 8th, 12th and 30th Congressional Districts in California and the 14th Congressional District in New York, to more than 10,000 in the 13th Congressional District of Michigan.
It appears that White House faith-based staffers are visiting states and congressional districts based on politics, not policy.
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