Congress of Racial Equality

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an organization founded by James Leonard Farmer in 1942 to work for racial equality

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AD-510," box 193, General Correspondence, Cincinnati Office, RG 96; Mimi Feingold, "Parish Scouting Report--Summer Project, Pointe Coupee Parish," 14 April 1964, 2, file 20, box 1, Congress of Racial Equality, Sixth Congressional District Papers, State Historical Society of Wisconsin (hereafter cited as CORE Sixth Congressional District Papers); "Report for Pointe Coupee Parish," n.
However Coonskin originally encountered extreme controversy before its original theatrical release when the Congress of Racial Equality strongly criticized the content as being racist, although none of the group's members had actually seen the film.
He explores the ideas and practices of this radical democratic tradition over the course of the 20th century, examining, among others, the Progressives, John Dewey, the Congress of Industrial Organizations, the Congress of Racial Equality, the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, and Students for a Democratic Society.
Chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality for the last 35 years, Innis believes the movement toward "renewable energy sources" and carbon taxes will increase the price of energy for the poor who can least afford the extra expense.
Roy Innis from the Congress of Racial Equality and Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, tell about the Deacons of Self Defense, how a church raised money to buy rifles, and about getting an NRA charter to form an all black chapter in the South.
Anthony Walsh of the Kent State Congress of Racial Equality chapter and the left-wing historian Gabriel Kolko each was raised by "a radical CIO organizer.
187) New organizations such as the Congress of Racial Equality, and new leaders, such as Martin Luther King Jr.
As a leader in the Fellowship of Reconciliation in the 1940s, as a founder of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), as the main organizer of the Freedom Rides of 1961, he had been centrally engaged in almost every element of the nonviolent action movement that challenged and eventually overcame the deadly anti-democratic poison of legalized racial segregation in America.
As one of the founders of the Congress of Racial Equality in 1942, Farmer was called one of the Big Four civil rights leaders in the 1960s, with King, NAACP chief Roy Wilkins and Urban League head Whitney Young.
The insert included a December 26, 1995, letter to President Clinton from Roy Innis, national chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality, and a letter to the editor from the Reverend Maurice A.
Du Bois; James Farmer, co-founder of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE); Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam; Pan-Africanist and black repatriation advocate Marcus Garvey; voting rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer; former presidential candidate Jesse Jackson; filmmaker Spike Lee; Malcolm X; Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall; Black Panther founder Huey P.
Supporting the appellants in an amici curiae brief to overturn the code of the District of Columbia were the attorneys general of 13 states, and representatives of the Second Amendment Foundation, the Congress of Racial Equality, the American Civil Rights Union, and the National Rifle Association.
Her life changed while an undergraduate at Florida A&M University in the summer of 1959, when she and her sister Priscilla attended a meeting about nonviolent direct action conducted by CORE, the Congress of Racial Equality, one of the leading civil rights groups of the time.
The response to this slow process of re-integration was increased external pressure from both the black press and civil rights groups, like the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE).
Sandra Moore, vice president of the Congress of Racial Equality, said the price hikes are causing problems for people involved in welfare-to-work training programs.
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