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a Protestant denomination holding that each individual congregation should be self-governing

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The state slowly granted Protestant dissenters the right not to support the Congregationalist Church, but that church maintained its colonial-era function of maintaining public morality.
In the South, it was the Anglican church, while in the North, the Puritan-influenced Congregationalist church was dominant.
No Congregationalist church sent people out to struggle for their souls more stringently than do religious conservatives when it is a matter of state action to help people cope with their problems.
where her father served on a human rights commission in the 1940s and her mother encouraged African-American children and families to attend the Congregationalist church where she was the education director.
Poole put up a red and white sign that reads "Danger," Doty has his Congregationalist church hang a sign "above / arched windows inscribed / in marble glass / LOOK UP.
They were being forced to pay taxes to support an established Congregationalist Church they didn't believe in, and they were tired of it.
Across the street, the Screen Actors Guild (3; 7065) moved recently into a renovated Congregationalist church.
In no area of Europe was this quandary so thoroughly explored as in seventeenth-century Britain, with its variety of episcopal, presbyterian, and congregationalist church governments, and with its experience of constitutional upheaval and civil war.
Baptist Association supporting the opposition to making the Congregationalist Church the established church of Connecticut.
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