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a native or inhabitant of the Republic of the Congo

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It is Congolese who have carried out these attacks.
Mama Telema means "woman stand up" and the group's members are Congolese women in Wales who are supporting vulnerable women back home and in the rest of the world.
Monday's attack immediately followed comments from a Congolese army spokesman who said that it had destroyed the bases of ADF-NALU and aimed to crush the rebels in the next few days.
Congolese M23 rebels fighters travel on trucks in Rushuru, Democratic Republic of Congo August 3, 2013 as deadline set by UN peacekeepers for rebels in the volatile eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to lay down their weapons passed on Thursday, with the fighters facing force if they fail to disarm.
On Wednesday, the Congolese flag again flew in Chanzu, the former fief of M23 leader Sultani Makenga, who is believed to have fled the country as his movement disintegrated.
The Congolese were angered by the detention of 21 of their countrymen in Jalandhar in Punjab in northwestern India on Saturday.
Newspaper "L'Observateur" quoted on Monday Loma Djesa, from the Congolese Institute for Strategic and Environmental Studies, as saying that Morocco's absence from the AU is painful.
Q What are your expectations for the Kampala peace talks between the Congolese government and the M23?
Greeting the Premier at Congo Airport have been Congolese House Speaker Oban Minake and senior Congolese officials.
The AU leaders will also try and calm down the political tension between Kinshasa and Luanda, after Congolese authorities accused Rwanda of backing the M23 rebels financially, logically and arming them.
He stressed that "these efforts are an essential step toward developing a disciplined and unified Congolese army and bringing sustainable peace to the DRC.
At least two dozen Congolese have lost their lives as violence escalated in late February.
Police were forced to implement rolling road closures as up to 400 people, the majority of Congolese descent, marched from Newtown to the Council House in Victoria Square.
Linyekula draws from both Congolese and contemporary dance styles, creating intensely musical works that address bi9 issues such as war and economic struggle.
As I was writing this article, Belgium was celebrating the 50th anniversary of Congolese independence but the country of "Tintin au Congo" is far from having fully entered a postcolonial era of self-criticism, being still trapped in a national myth of glory and civilizing colonialism.