Congo River

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a major African river (one of the world's longest)

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5)) Quickly overrunning the camps, the RPA began to pursue the armed militias westward into the Congo River basin.
Pierre Savorgnon de Brazza, a French empire builder, competed with agents of Belgian King Leopold's International Congo Association (later Zaire) for control of the Congo River basin.
Further south, in Kalemie and the Upper Congo River Basin, cholera outbreaks started before the end of the dry season and worsened during the rainy season.
Cross-correlations between residual components of cholera and rainfall time series showed a significant positive relationship in Uvira after a latency of 2-5 weeks and in the Upper Congo River Basin after no latency.
On the other hand, the French, not yet prepared to roll over for Leopold, were willing to draw the boundaries on a map, and they included most of the Congo River Basin.
CI's programs will operate in more than 40 countries but are focused on tropical wilderness areas including the Congo River Basin in Central Africa, the Amazon in South America and New Guinea.
A major diplomatic conference was held in Berlin from November 15, 1884, until February 26, 1885, ostensibly to mediate a trade dispute between several European colonial powers concerning the Congo River basin in Central Africa.
Traditional native textiles from the Congo River basin are typically black and rarely red (M.
The Congolese forests have been warned of deforestation, with the UN estimating that 2/3 of the Congo River Basin forest will no more exist by 2040.
Orientale in DRC, Sudan, and Uganda) or the Congo River basin (i.
Alcock, whose research was presented before the Geology Societies of America and london conference in Scotland in June, believes his model could also serve as a prophesy for the fate of the tropical forests of southeast Asia and the Congo River Basin.
To draw attention to the plight of greater Congo River Basin rainforest ecosystem, the Zoo opened the exhibit in 1999, which has already provided invaluable education to millions of visitors.
Since humans are exposed to a plethora of primate lentiviruses through blood or body fluids during hunting, butchering, eating bushmeat, and keeping primates as pets (3), the potential exists for zoonotic transmission of diverse primate lentiviruses in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa, including the Congo River basin (4).
Such coveting of the Congo's resources has led to the de facto establishment of two, and probably three new Congo republics, while enlarging Angola's control over the Congo River basin.
Along the Amazon and Congo River basins, unregulated mining and farming, and deforestation from logging, are increasing.