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a republic in west-central Africa

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It will be the first large-scale implementation of the International Maritime Organisation's 2009 Hong Kong convention on ship recycling, which until now has only been ratified by three countries -- Congo Republic, France and Norway.
The events will also be carefully followed by other governments in West and Central Africa, where long-serving leaders are reaching the end of their constitutional terms in several countries, including Benin, Congo Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo.
Seven countries have joined the cessation clause process including Burkina Faso, Burundi, Congo Republic, Niger, Senegal, Togo and Zambia.
Automotive Africa - Mega Trends, a white paper produced by Frost & Sullivan , states that Nigeria, Angola, Congo Republic, and other North African countries such as Libya, are gaining in importance as markets for re-exported parts from the UAE.
Now Sub-Saharan African countries such as Nigeria, Angola, Congo Republic, and North African countries such as Libya are gaining importance as markets for re-exported parts from the UAE.
Spokeswoman for UNAMI Elena Naba, told NINA on Monday, June 10, that the UN SG issued a decision transferring his representative to Iraq, Martin Kobler, to the Congo Republic, to head the UN Mission there.
Congo Republic, like the Democratic Republic of Congo and many countries in the region, has one of the world's poorest aviation safety records due to poor maintenance and the use of old planes banned from other skies.
The signed loan agreements comprise of expanding Congo Republic Blanche Gomes Hospital-Phase II, a childcare hospital located in the capital Brazzaville, through the construction and equipping of a new 100-bed facility, thus doubling in-patient capacity.
The research team presented 3-year-old German children and chimpanzees living in a Congo Republic sanctuary with a task that they could perform on their own or with a partner.
YAOUNDE: Search teams on Monday found the wreckage of a plane carrying Australian mining executives in the jungle of Congo Republic, with all on board feared dead as remains of nine or 10 people were retrieved at the crash site.
BRAZZAVILLE, June 22, 2010 (TAP)-A train derailed and plunged into a ravine in Congo Republic, killing around 60 people and injuring hundreds on a deadly rail link in the oil-producing Central African state, sources said Tuesday.
The firm said it had been flying from Cameroon capital Yaounde to Congo Republic.
Congo Republic complained on Monday it had not been informed of Bharti Airtel's $9 billion deal to buy Kuwaiti telco Zain's African assets, saying that was a contravention of Zain's licence terms.
1-Turkey's Exporters Assembly Chairman Mehmet Buyukeksi evaluated Turkish President last visits to Democratic Congo Republic and Cameron.
Nine players and officials of the squad were reported wounded Friday when the buses came under fire as they crossed into Cabinda from the Congo Republic to play in the African Nations Cup.