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The 2014 FIFA World Cup seeding CAF pots for preliminary round is as follows, Pot 1: Mozambique, Congo DR, Togo, Liberia, Tanzania, Kenya, Congo, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Burundi, Madagas car, Namibia.
Good examples are cases such as of Congo DR under late Mobuto Seseseko (Mobuto came to power via CIA supported coupe) where Western Governments backed the dictator until he could collapse under his own weight.
Prudent Mukalayi, a soldier who is recovering in hospital in the Congo DR capital of Kinshasa, survived because he was jammed against a luggage case.
Congo DR striker Lunga Yves Diba reduced the tally with a well-taken goal for Sailiya as his close range shot beat Sd al Sheeb in first half stoppage time.
TOMORROW Live Football - Congo DR v Mali (Eurosport 2, 5pm), Niger v Ghana (Eurosport, 5pm), Exeter v Torquay (Sky Sports 1, 7.
congo dr CONGO'S greatest asset is having experienced manager Claude Le Roy leading the side.
Tavares has won five caps for Senegal and is set to fly out from the UK after tomorrow's game to link up with the national squad for the international against Congo DR on September 5.
The nationals take on Congo DR on Saturday at the National Stadium in Riffa and then face the Jordanians on June 3 at the same venue.
Mr Vice President The SPLA have never publicly made a statement to confirm the claimed deployment of the SPLA troops in Congo DR and when the news came out like that a statement from you was released which denied that SPLA was part of the forces attacking LRA bases in Congo DR.
There are Yellow Fever cases in The Congo DR, Cameroon and Cyte d'Ivoire as well as Dengue Fever (another potentially deadly disease transmitted by mosquitoes) cases in South America, Central America, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.
Project Name : Promotion of Mini and Micro-hydro Power Plants in Congo DR
Africa Cup of Nations Group B - Ghana 1, Mali 0; Niger 0, Congo DR 0.
international games 5-match Fifa Fig's form rank pick Albania v Cameroon 49-49 496-520 1 Costa Rica v Belize 61-40 515-092 1 *Guatemala v Nicaragua 54-46 438-180 1 *Honduras v El Salvador 68-42 540-348 1 *Angola v Morocco 46-55 428-466 X South Africa v Cape Verde 46-47 416-498 X *Belize v Guatemala 40-54 092-438 2 Costa Rica v Nicaragua 61-46 515-180 1 *El Salvador v Panama 42-49 348-582 1 *Ghana v Congo DR 57-52 777-332 1 *Mali v Niger 64-50 809-335 1 *Nigeria v Burkina Faso 62-49 581-408 1 *Zambia v Ethiopia 47-55 459-323 1 *On Neutral Ground.
SUNDAY African Nations Cup Group B - Ghana v Congo DR, Mali v Niger (6pm).
Libya is among the undseeded teams along with Botswana, Cape Verde Islands, Congo DR, Ethiopia, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Morocco or Central African Republic.