Congo River

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a major African river (one of the world's longest)

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Sequence comparison of West African and Congo Basin MPXVs by other researchers showed individual genes that are conserved across the 2 clades and are speculated to be responsible for the different pathogenicity of the viruses (2,3).
The Congo Basin rainforest also plays a critical role in regulating the global climate and halting runaway climate change, for the benefit of the entire biosphere.
Most of the focus has been on the Amazon and on South East Asian tropical rainforests, and a big bit of the missing picture is what is going on the Congo Basin in Central Africa," Simon Lewis from the University of Leeds and University College London told BBC News.
Having destroyed vast areas of forest in countries such as Indonesia, palm oil companies are now planning to expand in the rainforests of the Congo Basin in Africa.
1 million tonnes of bushmeat in the Congo basin is eaten yearly alone, according to the World Wildlife Fund.
Intrigued by Stanley's findings, King Leopold II of Belgium engaged him to establish his authority in the Congo basin.
Stretching from the Atlantic Coast to the East African countries of Burundi and Rwanda, the Congo Basin covers much of central Africa and has traditionally been a rain forest refuge for gorillas and other apes.
It comes as no surprise that while elephant populations continue to show significant growth in some countries, others, particularly those in the Congo Basin of Central Africa, give cause for grave concern.
Also from the Congo basin is the spectacular Bangba vessel, the Luba chief's divination bowl and the rare Zande-Mangbetu bottle.
Then colonial plantations took over production, and by the 1920s the crop had spread across the Congo Basin and into Central and South America.
Near Loango, in a forested region of the Congo Basin called the Goualougo Triangle, another group of chimps also makes and uses different types of tools to open beehives and gather honey, say Criekette Sanz, also of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, and David Morgan of Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.
Which animal, related to the giraffe, is found in the forests of the Congo basin, and was unknown to Europeans until 1901?
He was also the man whose epic journey into the Congo basin paved the way for the area's brutal exploitation by European colonialists.
The foundation is also supporting efforts to prevent deforestation in the Congo Basin and save dying languages in Polynesia.