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More than 2,000 congenital syndromes have been classified so far.
It is responsible for more childhood disabilities than better known congenital syndromes, such as spina bifida, fetal alcohol syndrome and Down's syndrome.
These research findings are important steps towards understanding the pathogenesis of these congenital syndromes, and point the way toward clinical trials of these agents in severely affected patients," said Neel.
The first two chapters cover autopsy and forensic medicine and molecular diagnostics; the rest of book is divided into chapters on body regions, with final chapters on bleeding disorders and transfusion medicine, pediatric pathology and congenital syndromes, and immune system mediated disease.
Absence of the mastoid antrum previously has been reported in congenital syndromes such as trisomy 13 and mandibulofacial dysostosis (Treacher Collins syndrome).
Since the first edition there have been considerable advances in knowledge and understanding of the genetics, biochemistry and pathophysiology of the congenital syndromes and diseases of childhood and how they influence anaesthesia.
Feingold and Pashayan (1983) describe 25 congenital syndromes with known incidence rates which involve facial dysmorphia.
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