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an abnormal lateral curve to the vertebral column

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Hemivertebral/vertebral resection for congenital scoliosis (kyphosis)
Congenital scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine associated with vertebral anomalies such as block vertebra, wedge vertebra, single hemivertebra, two unilateral hemivertebrae, a unilateral unsegmented bar, or a unilateral unsegmented bar with contralateral hemivertebrae at the same level.
Primary diagnoses were categorized as idiopathic scoliosis, kyphosis, neuromuscular scoliosis, congenital scoliosis, syndromic scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, and revision.
Other types of scoliosis are congenital scoliosis that occurs at birth.
14 -- Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals, one of the country's leading healthcare groups, has set a milestone in the medical history of Rajasthan by performing a breakthrough rare surgery for Congenital Scoliosis, a congenital spinal condition.
Congenital scoliosis is the abnormal development of the spine resulting in combination of missing portion, partial formation, or lack of separation of the vertebras [2].
Now researchers using a mouse model have linked maternal hypoxia during pregnancy plus the presence of only one functioning copy of the Hes7 gene with up to a 10-times-greater risk of congenital scoliosis in offspring compared with the genetic risk factor alone.
Researchers found that a specific gene mutation, combined with low oxygen, or hypoxia, during pregnancy increased tenfold the likelihood of a spine defect called congenital scoliosis.
Dr Sabyasachi Banerjee, senior specialist and surgeon of orth-opaedics and trauma at Muscat Private Hospital, said there are three causes of the deformity - congenital scoliosis present at birth, neuromuscular scoliosis caused by muscle weakness or par-alysis, and idiopathic scoliosis (unknown cause), which is the most common form.
The device came to mind immediately for Dr Kevin Lim, Senior Consultant from KKH's Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, when he saw five-year old Alice Tan, who had been diagnosed with congenital scoliosis at birth.
5% cases: occult spina bifida and congenital scoliosis, three cases; anorectal malformations, 3 cases; chromosome syndromes, 2 cases; Klippel-Feil syndrome, two cases; cryptorchidie, 1 case; tricuspid insufficiency, 1 case; pre-auricular appendix in 1 case, and a case of morbid obesity.
He was born with a range of serious health problems, including congenital scoliosis hemivertebrae, a curvature of the spine that is the result of an extra half-vertebrae.
As a rule, children with congenital scoliosis will have missing vertebrae, fused vertebral bodies or a combination of these.
New to this edition is a chapter on congenital scoliosis.
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