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Bahrain witnessed five similar cases only over the past 25 years", she said, adding that newborn babies with such a congenital deformity are in critical situation until they undergo surgeries and start feeding and growing normally without any health complications.
Professor Morrison said: "If it is satisfactory we could use this method to treat any type of contour defect, whether it is a breast, a congenital deformity or trauma.
Cleft lip is a congenital deformity [resulting from many factors], usually a chromosomal defect and its prevalence is roughly 1:750.
Babies with the congenital deformity can easily die, because it's difficult for them to eat, sleep, and breathe.
I was born with a congenital deformity and always wanted to be a doctor," he said.
It is hoped the research can be used to benefit future human survivors of trauma, disease or congenital deformity.
A follow up ultrasound revealed persistently clenched hands and, in addition, a possible "rocker bottom" foot, a congenital deformity in which the foot exhibits a convex, rocker-like shape.
They include Drake, a four-year-old boy, who was denied proper treatment and education due to his mother's refusal to disclose his congenital deformity that she felt reflected negatively upon her.
Born in 1960 in Co Kilkenny, Ronan had a congenital deformity of the legs.
The prisoner had a congenital deformity known as Kasabach Merritt Syndrome which caused his right hand to be severely curled inward at the wrist and caused pain when his extremities were improperly positioned.
Children with the congenital deformity known as spina bifida run a significantly higher risk, having an 18 to 73 percent chance of experiencing an allergic reaction.
The North West, North East, South West and Trent regions experienced distinct jumps in congenital deformity and infant mortality rates post-Chernobyl.
Romer wore either hiking boots or dark sneakers because a congenital deformity left one of his ankles swollen gigantically (and often painfully).
The shape of your chest shows congenital deformity, underlying infection or bone disease.
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