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He quoted doctors at maternity and children hospitals in Kabul as saying that "the rate of various congenital deformities have increased by many folds since the US invasion".
The scientists also reported the structure of two mutations of human CYPOR that result in congenital deformities.
Kim has visited numerous countries, including Ecuador, Vietnam, India, and Bolivia, where he performs surgeries on patients suffering from burns, untreated medical conditions and congenital deformities.
An evaluation of newborn outcomes showed no congenital deformities nor any differences in gestational age, infant height and weight, or Apgar scores between the two groups, said Dr.
Last week, BBC Three's Bizarre ER more than met my need for quick-fire, jump-cut footage of hideous injuries involving seemingly innocuous household items and "Pah, that John Merrick bloke had it easy"-style congenital deformities.
The panchayat leaders may float unfounded arguments, citing outlandish scientific theories that inbreeding leads to congenital deformities a" but a Jat gotra is not quite the Parsi community.
On the contrary, the current state of knowledge, according to the published medical/scientific literature, is that there is no association between the hormones contained in Primodos and congenital deformities of the type alleged by Mr Murphy.
This right is threatened by policies and commercial practices that threaten whole communities with starvation and ecological degradation, as well as by public pressure to abort fetuses with congenital deformities and to kill men and women suffering from incurable diseases" (p.
Nuclear pollution in Iraq caused by the US-led invasion is causing cancer deaths and injuries as well as congenital deformities, stillbirths, infertility and many untreatable health problems, claims the Environment Friends Society (EFS).
The gas from the plant, located near slums, killed 6,000 people outright and left countless others with chronic illnesses - cancers, congenital deformities and breathing difficulties - that persist to this day.
There may be as many as 800,000 Vietnamese, including 150,000 children, who suffer from serious health problems or congenital deformities related to it.
It can cross the placenta to induce congenital deformities, and it has a predilection for the testicles where it may cause genetic abnormalities.
The waste disposal plant should never be on the floor of the Rhymney Valley where there is a very high incidence of chest, cancer, catarrh problems and congenital deformities.
Patients with congenital deformities of the inner ear should be counseled about the possibility of this complication before they undergo stapedectomy or cochleostomy.
International contributors to 44 chapters treat diagnostic imaging, gene therapy, and multi-modality management of such conditions as lung cancer, other thoracic malignancies, congenital deformities, and gastroesophageal reflux disease.
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