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A geneticist is a biologist specializing in the science of genes, heredity, and variation of organisms, managing and diagnosing patients with hereditary conditions or congenital deformities.
Trauma tumor resection and congenital deformities results in facial defects.
It is often the result of a problem affecting the structure or the alignment of the bones that make up the foot's arch, such as infections or congenital deformities in the bones of the foot," Dr al-Sharani stressed.
He's been so cooperative and is such a wonderful child," said Dr Sinclair who has taken it upon himself to give new life to children with war injuries and congenital deformities, including club foot, hip dislocations and spinal deformities.
They provide students and physicians with descriptions and illustrations of upper limb, lower limb, and spine anatomy, trauma, and degenerative and acquired disorders, and the basic science of the musculoskeletal system, metabolic bone disease, rheumatologic diseases, tumors, the sequelae of trauma, and congenital deformities.
Non-surgical correction of congenital deformities of the auricle: A systematic review of the literature.
Spencer Black, son of a "resurrectionist" (a grave robber who sells exhumed corpses to medical students for dissection), grows up to become a respected doctor who specializes in the surgical correction of congenital deformities.
The woman presented medical reports to court officials which showed she also suffered a series of miscarriages due to congenital deformities in the unborn children.
There are six categories of competitor: amputees, those with cerebral palsy, people with intellectual disabilities, wheelchair sports, the visually impaired and "others", including people with dwarfism and congenital deformities.
They believe Maloos was born with congenital deformities in his hips and hind legs.
The Sultanate is now facing double burden due to rise in the number of elders and existence of age-old problems like malnutrition, genetic disorders and congenital deformities.
The results showed that tens of people have problems in veins and valves as well as congenital deformities in the heart, and arthritis since birth, all of which had not been detected, Dr Al Shamri said.
The scientists also reported the structure of two mutations of human CYPOR that result in congenital deformities.
Kim has visited numerous countries, including Ecuador, Vietnam, India, and Bolivia, where he performs surgeries on patients suffering from burns, untreated medical conditions and congenital deformities.
board-certified plastic surgeon at Riverview are the first surgeons in New Jersey routinely using the SPYA Imaging System during plastic reconstructive procedures to help reduce complications and improve the surgical treatment of breast and various cancers, traumatic injuries, and congenital deformities.
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