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March 1, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Valerie Munguia-Bryan and Mario Bryan knew for months that one of their twin babies would be born with a devastating congenital defect.
The unique needs of this patient population now demand the expertise of a specialist who can place congenital defects and their repairs in the context of an adult patient and that's exactly what Mount Sinai offers.
Doctors say that the number of children having congenital defects due to arsenic contamination in water may be be much higher than presently known.
If left untreated these infections can have serious health consequences such as ectopic pregnancy, infertility miscarriages, stillbirth and congenital defects.
The researchers focused on the quality of the air that women were breathing during their first 2 months of pregnancy, which a 2002 study in California had linked to certain congenital defects of the heart, lip, and palate.
The immunosuppressants, azathioprine and cyclosporine, do not appear to cause congenital defects, but may be associated with growth retardation.
In a series of 59 patients, Andrews and Canalis reported trauma as a cause of pneumocephalus in 36%, otitis media in 31%, otic surgery in 31%, and congenital defects in 2%.
If successful, the technique could herald a new era in transplantation, with its potential to restore hope to thousands of landmine victims, amputees and people with congenital defects.
Each year, almost 500,000 patients receive hip implants worldwide, about the same number need bone reconstruction due to injuries or congenital defects, and 16,000,000 Americans lose teeth and may require dental implants.
In addition, the mortality rate attributable to congenital defects has been declining over the last few years.
Tackling another major public health concern, the Government of India s Universal Immunization Programme is set to introduce a vaccine against rubella which causes severe congenital defects in newborns, like blindness, deafness and heart defects.
The child was being treated for congenital defects that had caused complications of the urinary tract.
Pestiviruses can also cause reproductive failure and congenital defects in ruminant animals.
The mechanisms behind many congenital defects are not well known.
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