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District Court, District of Massachusetts, claims that Zofran caused a baby girl to be born with a number of congenital abnormalities, including heart defects.
Since the discontinuation of the legal action in 1982, no new scientific knowledge has been produced which would call into question the validity of the previous assessment of there being no link between the use of Primodos and the occurrence of such congenital abnormalities.
The increase in prevalence of congenital abnormalities is observed across the country, which is evidence of poor diagnostics of congenital defects during pregnancy, untimely diagnostics and treatment of extragenital diseases in women.
PSIT was launched in June 2007 with a mission of providing health services to those whose children and babies have congenital abnormalities, which could directly and indirectly affect their future.
1) Despite the provision of free antenatal care to all pregnant women, the majority of those attending public health institutions 'book' for antenatal care in the late second or third trimester of pregnancy and miss the opportunity for early prenatal diagnosis of major lethal congenital abnormalities and early intervention if required.
There is also a connection with congenital abnormalities, including spina bifida, hydrocephalus, heart defects and cleft lip and palate.
This term refers to a wide range of congenital abnormalities involving the origin, course, and structure of epicardial coronary arteries.
The only significant association between an ARV and congenital abnormalities following a multivariate logistic regression analysis was EFV exposure in the first trimester.
FUW animal health and welfare committee chairman Catherine Nakielny said: I would reiterate the warning we put out in January that all farmers in Wales need to be on the lookout for any unusually high incidences of abortion or congenital abnormalities - deformed lambs, swollen heads, weak lambs etc.
According to a report by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, there were increased risks of premature births, low birth weight and congenital abnormalities.
Chances of abortion, congenital abnormalities, growth retarded and over weight babies, still birth, sudden death of babies at term (unexplained IUD), pre-term delivery, etc.
I would reiterate her warning that all farmers in Wales need to be on the lookout for any unusually high incidences of abortion or congenital abnormalities - deformed lambs, swollen heads, weak lambs etc.
Srivastava, a nephrologist, and Bagga (pediatrics, All India Institute of Medical Sciences) compile 26 chapters on the diagnosis and management of pediatric kidney diseases written by pediatricians, nephrologists, and other specialists from India and the US who address anatomy and physiology, evaluation, imaging, congenital abnormalities, and various conditions and their epidemiology, pathogenesis, etiology, causes, risk factors, variations, diagnosis, clinical features, laboratory investigations, management, and outcome.
According to the health experts, iodine deficiency in children leads to mental retardation, loss of cognitive abilities, still born, miscarriage and birth of children with congenital abnormalities like deaf, dumb and stunted.
The effective use of this imaging tool in the evaluation of the fetus with non-Central Nervous System (CNS) congenital abnormalities of the body, including the thorax and the gastrointestinal (GI) and genitourinary (GU) systems, is reason for adopting fetal MRI as an adjunct in obstetric imaging.