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music composed for dancing the conga

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a Latin American dance of 3 steps and a kick by people in single file

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Toward the end, in a sequence that silenced the hall, she and tympanist Roberto Bologna coordinated bullet assaults on conga drum and kettle drum by watching each other across the stilled orchestra.
Fans also can visit the Fairmount Historical Museum, filled with hundreds of artefacts from his life, including his baby clothes, letters he wrote, his artwork, and prized bongo and conga drums.
But yesterday Nik, who is studying for A-levels in music and IT at Astley High School, Seaton Delaval, was matching him beat for beat on the tall conga drums.
as an onstage DJ, lost in his own groove, spun beats and an older Hispanic man countered on conga drums.
Thanks to the positive image generated by the stars' legendary show, it was easy for an impressionable young audience to fantasize: imagine the thrill of visiting a seemingly lush tropical island teeming with romance, rum and the captivating sound of Conga drums.
Cymbals clash, bells ring, and a trio of conga drums vibrates under the musician's capable hands.
During seasons other than Lent, Ibo life comer, alive at Mass with conga drums and African music; the pews are transformed by the brightly colored headwraps and traditional dress worn by the Ibo women; the passing of the peace is a time of laughter and joy with children receiving tickles and kin holding each other in long, firm embraces.
During this period, re-creations of Cuban bata and conga drums were used.
Weinstein states: "'Dahomey Dance' reflected a serious attempt to translate a Dahomenian field recording of musicians making their voices percuss like conga drums into American jazz sounds".
Photo: Pete Escovedo on conga drums closed First Night with a bang at a drafty Fort Mason warehouse--it's also this year's big place to wind up the night
A $300 gift certificate could provide a set of conga drums for budding musicians; a set of printmaking supplies for up and coming artists; or supplies to help high school students acquire successful job-seeking skills.