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music composed for dancing the conga

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a Latin American dance of 3 steps and a kick by people in single file

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Conga drums were played at the ceremony in 1955 by the Afro-Cuban musician Arsenio Rodriquez, who came to New York City around 1949, and his brother Kiki, who was initiated with the Orisha Ogun in Cuba, before coming to New York City (Collazo interview).
Well, you can decorate your store with giant alligators playing the conga drums and dazzling flamingos slurping soft drinks.
It was a rush playing with Roberto Roena and his Apollo Sound as a teen, jamming on the conga drums to mega-hit songs like Marejada Feliz and El Escapulario.
For instance, Ray Legere, a demonstrably accomplished bluegrass musician, switched back and forth between fiddle and mandolin while Serbian-born Bogdan Djukic moved from a delightful violin solo of Klezmer melodies to lead the rhythm on conga drums in the ensemble's rendition of Duke Ellington's "Caravan.
About a dozen parents sat in the pews watching their children sing pop tunes or bang out samba rhythms on conga drums.
Sitar, violins, conga drums and stand-up bass all come together with more traditional strings, drums and vocals, and the album even includes a cover of a Louis Armstrong song.
in choosing among "How to Play Conga Drums," "A Conga Primer," "Basic Conga," etc.
Behind his conga drums and vocal mic and fronting his solid, tight band; Poncho opens this psychedelic dance party with the Herbie Hancock classic Cantaloupe Island (brilliantly arranged by pianist David Torres), followed by the Freddie Hubbard gem Crisis (arranged by trombonist Francisco Torres and featuring guest Arturo Sandoval on trumpet).
A collection of conga drums dominates the office area, a precarious stack of cigar boxes teeters on Garcia's desk, and out back is the detached garage where Garcia's long-gestating, finally-here dream movie, ``The Lost City,'' was edited.
But eventually, my dad found a little bit of time to teach me a few basics on the conga drums.
Later on, after seeing my father and his friends play all the drums and congas together, I started playing conga drums.
My choice of wood was the rare Hawaiian curly koa, only seen on the finest guitars, and of course, on Volcano conga drums.
After the film, all the Hollywood natives got restless at the wild jungle party with lots of lush palms, colorful tropical drinks, a huge Brazilian band featuring conga drums, and men wearing grass skirts stomping traditional tribal dances.
Although many instructional DVDs about conga drums are currently available from numerous top-gun master percussionists, most of them are intimidating to the beginner and intermediate students.
A vehement set of conga drums drove a dozen Pacoima Aztec Dancers, dressed in extravagant feather headdresses and traditional loincloths, to dance in protest of Fox's failure to reach a settlement with his indigenous rebels.