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so similar as to be easily identified for another thing


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Though some of the existing system ensures multiple belongingness of a particular element to multiple classes with varied degree but capturing the neutralities due to class overlap or confusability which could degrade the prediction performance is missing.
This should be especially so in the case of faces expressing negative emotions, showing the higher confusability of these expressions in the patient's sample.
TSOMs replicate this effect, since the number of nodes in the activation chain of a word may affect accuracy of serial recall for several reasons: in longer words node chains are more likely to exhibit weaker connections, due to a more combinatorial sequencing of both high- and low-frequency chunks; a larger number of nodes increases the chance of node confusability due to repetition of a symbol or a sequence of symbols; finally, primacy and recency effects make mid-word nodes more difficult to reinstate, causing a characteristically left-to-right U-shaped gradient of recall accuracy.
In the current article, we focus on distance measures derived from text; we apply two different techniques, namely language confusability based on n-gram statistics and the Levenshtein distance between orthographic word transcriptions, in order to obtain measures of dissimilarity among a set of languages.
Similarity ratings and confusability of lipread consonants compared with similarity ratings of auditory and orthographic stimuli.
The present study is concerned with the perceptual significance of the confusability of enantiomorphic stimuli (i.
Arguments from the ductus literarum in this case are not impossible, and each of the letter-changes involved (assuming some such spelling as gorie or goarie) can be paralleled from Quarto Lear, with the exception of initial g misread as p, though evidence for the confusability of those two letters could be gleaned elsewhere.
Bias," the probability of stating that a signal occurred, independently of the confusability between signals and noise, is suggested in the present study by the finding that simply adding observation increased compliance with rate guesses.
1996) Lexical retrieval and selection processes: Effects of transposed-letter confusability.