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Chinese philosopher whose ideas and sayings were collected after his death and became the basis of a philosophical doctrine known a Confucianism (circa 551-478 BC)

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As a Chinese scholar, he centers on the Analects of Confucius.
At one point, Confucius learns from his own master: 'Nothing is softer than water.
The Confucius Institute, the first in Iran, is co-founded by Yunnan University of China and Tehran University.
But organizers of the Confucius prize insisted the committee was not affiliated with the Chinese government and denied earlier media reports linking it to the Ministry of Culture.
A movie about Confucius last year featured Chow Yun-fat, a veteran actor known for starring in stylish gangster thrillers.
Taylor works with translator James Legge to explore one of his most famous works and help readers understand why Confucius and his studies are still very important in the modern day.
Other candidates for the Confucius Peace Prize included German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and Chinese agricultural scientist Yuan Longping.
The Oak Hill School will celebrate its new status as a Confucius Classroom at 2 p.
Pour cette deuxieme edition les chercheurs et professeurs membres du "jury" Confucius ont choisi par neuf voix sur seize Vladimir Poutine, en raison de ses "remarquables actions cette annee pour preserver la paix dans le monde", a explique M.
China created the Confucius Prize last year, in its fury that the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to dissident Liu Xiaobo.
BELGRAD (CyHAN)- As soon as they returned to the stage after performing a one-and-half hour drama featuring ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius, the Chinese dancers received thunderous applause and cheers from the audience, and the ovation lasted almost 10 minutes.
UAF Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan, Counsel General Chinese Consulate Lahore Yu Bo Ren, Chinese Consulate Lahore Counsel Du Genqi, NUML CI Dean Zhang Dao Jiang, Prof Dr Yang Zhijiang, Chinese Dean, Confucius Centre, University of Agriculture Faisalabad and others attended the event.
The Minister was speaking as he addressed an audience of academics, business representatives and other stakeholders at an Ulster University Confucius Institute seminar themed Doing Business with China .
A JOINT initiative between Coventry University and the Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics in South-East China will create the Confucius Institute, which is dedicated to supporting international trade for regional businesses and helping the local community to learn about Chinese language and culture.