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a believer in the teachings of Confucius


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These pioneering New Confucianists chose instead to steer and revamp premodern Confucian mores into closer alignment with modernity.
He predicted that in the new century the cultural element would function more magnificently, and the historical viewpoints of Chinese thinkers (Wen quoted the Confucianist text "he er bu tong" here) will not only enable China to foster and maintain good relationships with friendly countries, but will also be helpful in aiding international society to resolve conflicts.
Once Ng Ping became a Christian, it was probably too awkward for him to face his old anti-Christian comrades of the Confucianist Society.
Paradoxically, while change came to the manner in which the school was run, the fundamental Chinese and Confucianist identity with which it started was never forgotten.
13) In a Confucianist patriarchal society, children are expected to be obedient to parents and sacrifice themselves for the benefits of their parents.
Lo (2006) states that a true Confucianist or Confucianism-inspired person would graciously show tolerance for differences in beliefs and values for the sake of harmony based on benevolence and love but not necessarily feel obligated to accept and endorse such beliefs and values.
This brings us to the first of the two primary issues of contemporary China that the movie can be seen as addressing: The Confucianist Revival.
As Wang Yang-Ming, the 14th-century Confucianist stated, 'Knowledge and action are one, for purpose, and with consequences' (Zhu, 2000).
He became a Christian in an English-speaking secondary school through his own probing questions about reality but even more because he "saw the Confucianist ideal of community love realized in the Christian Fellowship" there (p .
After discussing Dewey's faith in intelligence, we will turn to the Chinese Confucianist philosopher Liang Shuming, a contemporary of Dewey's, to help explicate this question.
We therefore argue that beyond the often-quoted difference between the Confucianist ideal of li (moral) versus fa (the law), the difference between IPR legislation and enforcement makes it difficult for a foreign firm to protect its IPR in China.
Often the case, as cited in most literature (Bandura, 2002; Markus & Kitayama, 1991; Phan, 2008a), the Confucianist ethos held by Asian people contributes significantly to their achievements and personal moral well-being.
Confucianist teachings cover a wide spectrum from humanity, filial piety (hsiao), conduct (li), and character to education, rites, and music, as well as how to govern.
For instance, Korean anti-Japanese guerrillas recast their Confucianist "'righteous' rhetoric" into such "new international terms" as "territorial integrity" (p.
Hong Kong parents' strong Confucianist orientation towards education, which promotes teacher-centered learning experiences and academic performance in formal examinations, is one such conflict (Ho, 1994).