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Chinese philosopher whose ideas and sayings were collected after his death and became the basis of a philosophical doctrine known a Confucianism (circa 551-478 BC)

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The education and socialization of children in Taiwan has indeed been greatly influenced by Confucian philosophy.
Wu (2008) has described several empirical and theoretical studies which attest to the importance of Confucian philosophy in Chinese thinking.
Making use of his knowledge of Confucian philosophy, he described the way the Chinese interact over opposing ideas.
Historian Geremie Barme has argued that the ceremonies, with their invocations of Confucian philosophy and classical Chinese arts--things denounced for much of the past century in China--represented an attempt by the country's leaders "to present the world with a story of five thousand unbroken years of civilized harmony.
But this observation also necessitates an appreciation of Berea College, in the heart of Appalachia, which can boast of two thoughtful and knowledgeable specialists in Confucian philosophy and intellectual history: Jeffrey L.
2005; Soemarjan, 1975; Triandis et al, 1993) and second, OC Indonesians are influenced by Chinese Confucian philosophy (R.
With respect to ideals of governance, Confucian philosophy did not distinguish between "personal" and "political" spheres.
The journal examines the transition of China's legal system from the influence of the Confucian philosophy of social control through moral education, as well as the legalist emphasis on codified law and criminal sanctions remain, to modern legal concepts and approaches, especially those areas that have ramifications internationally such as intellectual property, antitrust and international law and practice.
the great politician and philosopher of early Han, was able to persuade the emperor to adopt more Confucian philosophy and policy.
In a very strong sense, Neville's article can be read as a modern American theory of self-cultivation in the pragmatic mode, making use of traditional Confucian philosophy.
Guided by the principal's interest in feng shui, a Confucian philosophy, the design team created cardinal zones in different colors, diffuse, luminous lighting, and an atmosphere that feels more like home.
Instead, Confucian philosophy - with its emphases on hierarchy, right behavior, rules of propriety, and the naturally moral man as leader - made use of the material at hand to produce a unified interpretation of The Book of Songs.
The first part of the book discusses the concept of management in China and other countries that share the Confucian philosophy.
The actual practice of Confucian philosophy has been slower to revive, but he suggests that the "reticence to pursue constructive Confucian philosophizing.
Practising to Know: Practicalism and Confucian Philosophy, STEPHEN HETHERINGTON and KARYN LAI