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a believer in the teachings of Confucius


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How Should Doctors Approach Patients--A Confucian Reflection on Personhood, J Med Ethics 2001; 27: 1: 44-50 and Tsai, D.
It is not that East Asian Chan/Zen Buddhists never criticized any specific cases of social wrongs in their respective societies, but they did not pointedly criticize Confucian social theory as they had Hindu social theory.
In a similar way, the diaspora Chinese have carried their culture, promoting through the arts, a love of learning and other traditional values of Confucian self-cultivation.
At the center of the Confucian discourse on children was the advocacy for education, especially the moral instruction of children.
Cleverly applying the Buddhist understanding of "circumstance," Kieu's father challenges Kieu to fulfill her Confucian obligations:--"Even a saint must bow to circumstance.
The roots of this cultural value can be found in the Confucian tradition emphasizing that every person is educable.
Family members who heeded the Confucian doctrine of the body as a gift from one's parents that shouldn't be damaged reported lingering confusion over the merits of organ donation.
There are Buddhist-influenced dances done with a small gong as part of the temple ritual; exorcism dances; dances performed at Confucian shrines where the dancers are in rows and don't move more than a foot.
There's a singular form of tension that runs through his oeuvre, from the early explorations of urban anomie (Th at Day, on the Beach [1983], The Terrorizer [1986]) to the epic tragedy of A Brighter Summer Day to his nervy mid-'90s experiments in comedy (A Confucian Confusion [1994], Mahjong [1996]).
The third paper deals with the global dispersion of Chinese values examplified on the basis of a three-country study (Chile, Australia, and the United States) of Confucian Dynamism.
Hofstede and Bond (1988) recently developed a fifth dimension, Confucian Dynamism, which is designed to assess a culture's tendency toward certain Confucian traits such as concept of time.
The symphony, which was inspired by Confucian culture emphasizing ideas of humanity, attracted hundreds of guests including senior officials and ambassadors at the U.
Kelleher's introduction to and translation of Wu's highly introspective record of his efforts to become a moral person at ease with his life circumstances take us directly into this intellectual horizon and allow us to see how it was appropriated and integrated into the life of an important Ming Confucian scholar.
To make sense of the Joseon dynasty, which spans 518 years and 27 kings--and a people that reconciles the seemingly contradictory philosophies of Neo-Confucianism and Buddhism, with elements of early shamanism and later Christianity--the show is not chronological but arranged in five themes: the king and his court, social hierarchies, ritual in ancestral worship, Buddhism under Confucian rule, and Korea's encounter with the West at the end of the 19th century.