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Because some of the earliest known examples of fluorophores, quinine and coumarin, are natural products (Lakowicz, 1999), we reasoned that fluorescence and/or quenching could be confounding variables in fluorescence-based screening of natural products.
The biological problem acts as our campus for general novel formalisms, practical algorithms, and useful tools development, pointing to fundamental CD problems: presence of feedback cycles, presence of latent confounding variables, CD from time-course data, Integrative Causal Analysis (INCA) of heterogeneous datasets and others.
Second, key changes in immunity will be reviewed, keeping a perspective of the impact of confounding variables in addition to age but focusing on age-related changes in the interaction of the innate and acquired components of immunity.
Demographic factors associated with stillbirth, after adjusting for confounding variables, were unbooked status, low maternal education, vaginal delivery and maternal co-morbidity.
After adjustment for confounding variables, the odds ratio for dyslipidemia in granuloma annulare was 4.
Results: The program modality was not a significant predictor of overall satisfaction with a program once we controlled for the confounding variables, including age, program area, and presence of visual impairments (-.
They failed to consistently measure history of violence or to control for relevant confounding variables such as psychopathy, childhood trauma, and substance abuse.
no-go) and five ERPs (N2, P3, error-related negativity, error positivity, and correct response positivity) after controlling for confounding variables.
Sales of new vehicles can make it difficult to assess the impact of a recall, because there are multiple confounding variables - such as promotions, marketing campaigns and new models that weren't subject to the relevant recall.
After controlling for confounding variables, vitamin D insufficiency was associated with a greater negative impact from urinary incontinence symptoms (P =.
The results were adjusted to exclude confounding variables, including body mass index (BMI).
The study, designed to measure major adverse events at 30 days in patients at high risk of narrowed coronary arteries, was stopped due to "unanticipated confounding variables," the company said.
Confounding variables such as heparin usage, previous history of back pain, catheter size, and the time between the last dose of heparin and sheath removal were controlled as covariates.
Mendelian randomization provides a theoretically powerful approach to account for unmeasured confounding variables in the evaluation of relationships of biomarkers with disease outcomes.
There have been very few independent reports on the impact of wind farms on house prices and the findings of these are confusing due to confounding variables and poor or unrepresentative sample size.