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Characterization and minimization of cellular autofluorescence in the study of oligonucleotide uptake using confocal microscopy.
Reflectance confocal microscopy is another high-resolution imaging technique that is just beginning to be explored for oral cancer detection.
sets a new standard for confocal microscopy with maximum performance at a favorable price.
In order to assess metallic flake alignment, confocal microscopy was used to measure the surface roughness and a multi-angled spectrophotometer was used to measure the flop values.
One of the great promises of confocal microscopy is that we instantly get a diagnosis.
Phagosome formation and localization of signaling proteins were studied by immunostaining with fluorescent antibodies followed by confocal microscopy.
In the present study, the 3-D arrangement of vessels in mature intermediate and terminal placental villi was examined using the combination of confocal microscopy and image processing.
Confocal microscopy results showing improved fluorescence imaging (red fluorescence for Eu, green fluorescence for Tb, and no autofluorescence for controls) suggest that this technique might be used for live-cell imaging, a requisite analytical tool in most cell biology experiments and a routine procedure in neurobiology, developmental biology, pharmacology, and several other related biomedical research fields.
Br Mark Brickley, Director of the group said, "We like the simplicity that the FV300 brings to confocal microscopy, and its versatility mea ns that we can incorporate existing components thus reducing the investment we needed to make" He continued, "We are looking at the 3B morphological changes to alga[ chloroplasts and mitochondria under different abiotic stresses.
These oscillations were tracked by laser scanning confocal microscopy.
Using confocal microscopy and fluorescent spectroscopy, the scientists optically tracked--in real time--the process known as transfection, including the delivery of genes into cells, the uptake of genes by the nucleus and their expression.
Images of the Cx43 GJs and ZO-1 in treated and control cultures were collected by confocal microscopy and quantitatively analyzed.
Scientists are using such imaging techniques as NMR and confocal microscopy, as well as theoretical analysis, to test the jamming concept.
Users will be able to obtain information from samples that has either been unavailable to them or difficult to achieve with conventional confocal microscopy.