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magnifier of the image of small objects

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The fourth microscope, an earlier acquisition, is called a confocal laser scanning microscope.
Procurement of a CLSM Confocal laser scanning microscope.
Contract notice: Confocal laser scanning microscope (lsm) (award no.
The Microscope Facility at the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology will replace their old confocal microscope with a new confocal laser scanning microscope dedicated for fluorescence imaging on fixed biological samples.
The Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology at the Rudbeck Laboratory of Uppsala University will purchase 2 (two) inverted, fully motorized confocal laser scanning microscope systems.
Contract award: Procurement of a confocal laser scanning microscope (DFG GZ: A 697).
The confocal laser scanning microscope will be used for the 3D analysis of cell cultures and is mainly used in biological and biochemical laboratories as a standard method.
Contract notice: Delivery of a confocal laser scanning microscope (copy).